What’s Dream Job Coaching Like?

IMG_1496Would your future self thank you for investing in a series of dream job coaching sessions?

I believe so.  Put it this way, I’ve received all kinds of coaching and I have always come away from the experience so much the richer.

During my career, I met Ben Hunt-Davis, Gold Medal Winner at the Sydney Olympics, and I learnt that if you’re willing to do something that others are often unwilling to do, you will give yourself a huge advantage.  From Steve Bull, who coached the England Cricket Team (among others) I learnt some great techniques for use when setting important and meaningful goals. Also, a brilliant way to ensure that nerves don’t get the better of you.

Lots of the coaching we receive though is informal and the stuff we pick up from colleagues, managers and friends can be hugely informative and useful. The difficulty is in the picking! How do you sort out the wheat from the chaff? Whose goal is it anyway? Who will really benefit from this advice?

If your company offers great training and coaching and you are keen to get on within that company, my advice would be to take it all on board and act upon it. Companies like it when their employees stick with the programme!

IMG_1498However, if you are looking to make some changes in your life or your career, maybe it would make sense to seek help from outside the organisation. Just to get things clear in your own mind. Talking to someone independent, who will listen and not judge, ask questions that you might not have thought of asking and who will help you come to your own conclusions, can feel great.

Some of you have asked me what a dream job coaching session looks like. Well, generally it’s about 45 minutes. We can be on the phone, Skype or face to face (depending on location!). I try and only do about 20% of the talking! I ask you questions and listen to your answers until you are thinking more clearly about the way ahead. We may only need a couple of sessions to set you on the right track. You may want regular weekly or monthly sessions so you can plot your progress towards your goals and keep your focus. One thing’s for sure, your needs will be different, at different stages of your life.

I will not tell you what to do!   I will not do the work for you!   I will support you all the way.

Hey, if you really want to know what it’s like, just email me at jenner_louise1@me.com 

Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach

Or call me on 01452 523459 / 07766 250192  We’ll set up your FREE introductory session and take it from there. How does that sound?

Go on, do something today that your future self will thank you for! 

photo credit: www.njfphotography.com


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