What\’s the number one top tip for finding your dream job?

Could it be to write a great cv? Or to make sure you tailor your covering letters to each vacancy? Or to research lots of different companies? I know, what about making sure you register with a recruitment agency?


In my opinion, the number one, top tip for finding your dream job is to decide what it is. Once you know what your dream job looks like, there\’s loads of advice and support available to help you get there.

But how do you decide if you just don\’t know what you want to do?

AAAGGHHH!!!!    It feels like a catch 22.

As Marianne Cantwell (Free Range Humans) says, we should take the pressure off ourselves to find the one dream job that will be right for the rest of our lives! It\’s unrealistic and unfair. Your dream job as you leave education may be completely different to the one you had when you were growing up and by the time you\’re in your thirties and later, it may well have changed again, more than once! That\’s normal.

\”I\’ve got a degree but no job and I need to find myself\” was the headline in Bel Mooney\’s advice column in The Daily Mail last Saturday. The writer had completed a Media degree, only to realise that he didn\’t want to work in Media after all. Bel reassured him that he\’s not alone. There are scores of graduates in a similar dilemma. She talks about all the changes that he\’s already come through since being a baby, a toddler, through his school years and explains that this is just another period of change, that he will come through. She mentions his limiting beliefs and how they could be flipped. So \’being shy\’ becomes \’being thoughtful\’ and \’being stuck\’ becomes \’taking stock\’.

So, the top tip is to decide what your dream job is for you, right now. How would it look? How would it feel? Would you be on your own or with other people? Dream Job Coaching can help you make sense of these questions and more so that you are able to decide on YOUR DREAM JOB.

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