The Cheese Club


The Cheese Club at The Daffodil in Cheltenham is my kind of networking event.

Once a month for only £20 we can go along, catch up with old friends and acquaintances and forge new relationships too. It\’s a relaxed atmosphere (there\’s a bar) which is so conducive to building rapport with people you don\’t yet know. After an hour or so of hobnobbing with the good business people of Gloucestershire, we sit down for a beautiful 2 course lunch (with complimentary wine) and get to continue our conversations or meet even more new people at the table.

This month\’s event was fascinating! Firstly, there was an amazing looking PR lady in the most incredible hat with huge pheasant feather sticking out of it. I didn\’t meet her but I must do so next time! Then I had a lovely chat with Geraldine McCullagh about the challenges of starting a new coaching business. Geraldine is an executive/business coach; her speciality is working on your signature presence from the inside out. You can join her course at Gloucestershire Enterprise Ltd next month.  Another lady talked to me about her son who is due to leave Oxford University in May and who may need some assistance… Opportunity knocks!

At lunch, typically, I was the only female at my table. We need more women at The Cheese Club, really we do! However, the assorted company directors, solicitors, financial advisors and accountants were charming company. I have contacted some of them today and I\’m confident that some business or collaboration will come of our conversations.

There are so many ways to network and find new contacts, on and offline, any of which may result in a new business opportunity or job referral. Nobody can be present at everything but it is important to be involved in as many of these events as possible. Imagine if you\’re on LinkedIn but not twitter for example and the person who is looking for someone just like you is on Twitter but not on LinkedIn…. Your chances of meeting are really slim, close to zero.

The internet means we can be at so many more parties than ever before, simultaneously!

For £20 though, the chance to meet so many fascinating folk in such salubrious surroundings as The Daffodil will get my vote every time. It\’s just so civilised!


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