The Blame Game

….Roll up, roll up!  Let\’s play The Blame Game:   First, choose A, B or C :

Anger:  \”If he/she hadn\’t held me back, done that, said this, I would be in a position to live my dream….\”

Background:  \”If I had come from a rich family, gone to a better school, made better choices, I would be living my dream by now….\”

Circumstances:  \”When this is sorted out, then I\’ll be able to live my dream….\”

It seems like a great game because it means we can blame someone or something else for our current situation and avoid taking any responsibility for it and even worse, taking any action to change it!

….Well, it\’s a rubbish game because there are no winners!

Let\’s flip it!      Maybe he or she did say/do that.  So what? Who cares?

You did go to this school, you do have this family and you did make those choices.   So what? You can\’t turn back the clock or wave a magic wand.

And lastly, whatever your current circumstances, you can start to live your dream.

You can take your education from the School of Hard Knocks and you can qualify as the best version of yourself.

 Today!      Right now!     Immediately!

The world needs you to be the best you can be. You can make a difference to other people and yourself. You can live the life that you were born to live. A great one!

How?   Just choose. Yes, it is that easy. You – just – choose. Choose to quit blaming others. Choose to do good. Choose to help. Choose to switch off the tv and learn something useful. Choose to be pro-active. Choose to live your life to the full.

Go on, I dare you!

Copyright:  Louise Jenner 2013.

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