Hope To Land Your Dream Job?

Hello!   I hope you had an amazing weekend and I hope that this week, you achieve all that you set out to achieve. Especially if that means you land your dream job.

Hope is great isn\’t it? Polite and caring, it has a certain feel-good-ness to it. How much can we really achieve with hope though? Here are 4 strategies for landing your dream job that rely on hope and one that doesn\’t.

You could:

1. Register with an agency and hope they\’ll find you your dream job.

2. Send out the same version of your cv to 500 companies and hope one of them will offer you your dream job.

3. Scour the internet for hours and hope to find your dream job.

4. Hope your parents, your best mate or even your parents\’ best mate will help you find your dream job.


Or, you could:

5. Be pro-active. Decide what you\’d like to do. Research companies and businesses where you could see yourself working. Find out the names of the people who do the hiring! Write a great cv and covering letter (for each one) that highlight your strengths and match them to the position you want to secure. Deliver it yourself and ask to speak to the person in charge (you might just get your interview there and then!). Smile, shake hands, have a conversation. Smile and ask for an interview!


Hey, nothing\’s guaranteed here and someone might tell you to go away. That\’s the worst that can happen though, right? Most decent people (you want to work with decent people, don\’t you?) will admire your tenacity and give you a chance.  They certainly won\’t forget you!

Go on, give it a go and remember to let me know how you get on…




For help with your cv, covering letter and interview skills, email: jenner_louise1@me.com for a free consultation.

\”Let\’s get to work!\”

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