5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your CV.


There are many ways to create an amazing cv and lots of things to avoid too! However, here are 5 that often get overlooked.

1. Comedy email address – it was funny when you created it but is it really appropriate on your cv?

2. The words Curriculum Vitae – If space is a premium, avoid stating the obvious in favour of keeping all the real information on one page.

3. The details of your qualifications – unless you\’re a straight A student, keep the details brief. The qualification itself can age you (\’O\’ Levels and CSEs mean you are at least my age!) and if you highlight the As and Bs you also have to highlight the Ds and Es!

4. Your address – if you\’re posting your cv online, just be aware and stay safe. You can put your town to show that you are local enough for the commute.

5. Cheap paper – If you are sending your cv by post, the reader\’s first impression will come from the paper (and the envelope), not what\’s written on it.


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