4 Steps to using Social Media to build your Personal Brand

4 Steps to using Social Media to build your Personal Brand by guest blogger, Georgina Thorne (sheisdigital.co)

Whether you’re looking to change job roles or you run your own business, developing a Personal Brand on social media is one of the best ways to become recognised as a thought leader in your industry and get attention.

I\’m delighted to present this guest blog post by Georgina Thorne, founder of \”She Is Digital\” explaining what personal branding is, why it\’s so important and how you can use social media to build a strong personal brand for yourself.


What is personal branding?

Personal branding, is simply the process of marketing yourself and your skill set as a brand and creating an impression of yourself for your peers, target audience or colleagues to see.

Why use Social media to build your personal brand?

Imagine the last networking event you attended, how many people did you get to speak to? And out of those people how many did you properly connect with and talk to at length about your specific industry, your knowledge of that industry and the services you can offer?

I’m going to guess one, possible two if it was a particular long event, and I’m guessing you still came away thinking there was so much more you could have said.

This is where social media can help you. With Facebook alone having over 1 billions users, the opportunity to connect with a specific group of people is at your fingertips and building your personal brand on social media is a great place to open up a line of communication with that group – all the people at the networking event you didn’t get a chance to talk to, and some.



The benefits

With social media you’re able to give people a deeper understanding of you, your interests and your achievements and you can use that information to attract a steady stream of potential clients if you run your own business or create greater credibility if you want to advance your career.

The different types of messaging tools available on social media channels will also help you to connect with your followers and create rewarding partnerships with your target audience and others associated with your market niche.

Over time, all of your interactions will start to open up opportunities that otherwise would not have existed.

It’s worth bearing in mind that everything you do online is a representation of your personal brand, so here are 4 things to consider when you start to shape your message and how you’re perceived:

  1. Have clear objectives
  2. Identify up to three areas of expertise
  3. Develop a strong positioning statement
  4. Use a consistent look and feel on all platforms

Start with one social media channel at a time, I would recommend either LinkedIn or Facebook and get yourself out there, you never know who you might connect with.

When you’re ready to start attracting new customers with Facebook read my 5 step guide to Getting More Customers Using Facebook.

Guest blog by: Georgina Thorne, She Is Digital


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