Wanting Your Dream Job is NOT Selfish!

Sarah* didn\’t get the pay-rise that she\’d asked for. 

She felt very disappointed and under-valued as she has been working there for a while and believes she does a good job. You may be surprised to learn that I took the side of the employer.


Sarah is not in her dream job, yet. She has just started working with me to improve her cv, linkedin profile and interview skills so that she can go and do something that she loves to do. Of course, she hasn\’t told her boss this but the chances are that her boss knows, on some sub-conscious level, that she\’s not 100% happy. How would she know?

Think about a team that you have worked in where there was one person who \”just didn\’t want to be there.\” It\’s one of the worst things (professionally) you can say about someone and it\’s very common. Many people are staying in jobs that they don\’t like for all kinds of reasons. When they finally up and leave everyone breathes a sigh of relief and hopes that their replacement will be better.

Contrast this person with someone else, doing the same job, who just loves it. They are full of enthusiasm, positivity and helpfulness and they make the work seem easy.

So, it\’s easy to tell the difference between someone who loves their job and someone who doesn\’t. If you were the manager, would you give a pay-rise to someone who didn\’t want to be there? 

No, me neither!

I asked Sarah whether the pay-rise would make her love her current job and of course, she answered: \”No.\”


\”I\’d take a pay-cut to do that!\”

When we started to talk about her dream job, Sarah even said, \”I\’d take a pay-cut to do that!\” (It\’s ok, she won\’t need to – people who love their work and are enthusiastic about it tend to be well-rewarded.)

When Sarah leaves her current role and makes space for someone else, she will have done herself, her successor and her employers a good turn. It\’s not selfish to want to work in your dream job. Everyone gains. The employers (current and future) get to employ people who really want to be there and aren\’t just in it for the money. Sarah and someone she probably doesn\’t even know both get the chance to do what they love.

So, if you have your head down, if you are trudging along in a job that just doesn\’t make your heart sing any more, if you are wishing your days away, dreaming of being somewhere else…. Now is the time! Take some action towards making your dream job become a reality. You\’ll be doing plenty of other people a favour when you do!

A year from now, you may wish you had started today.

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You can let what you love, be what you do!


(*Sarah is not my client\’s real name! Confidentiality is something I take seriously!)
Copyright: Louise Jenner March 2015      
Images: www.pixabay.com


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