Whopper Wednesday!

I had a colleague who would always try to cheer me up on a Wednesday lunchtime. \”It\’s Whopper Wednesday\” he\’d cry and we would go and get a big, fat burger! We need a lift on a Wednesday (hump day, some call it) don\’t we?

So, what can we do today to give ourselves that lift but without the added calories / guilt-trip?

Well, I believe that reflecting on how far we\’ve come since Monday can help give us the strength and motivation to surge ahead for the rest of the week. Take five minutes to consider how much you have achieved already this week since you dragged yourself out of bed on Monday morning. Wow, who are you? A Superhero?  😉  Then prioritise the tasks on your \”to do list\” and notice that feeling of being in control. If there are too many tasks on there, think about who you could ask to help you or, better still, to whom you could delegate some of the work. 

You should concentrate on the most important task on the list but how to choose?

A very simple way to choose is to think of your long term goals and then choose the one task that, done well, will get you closer to those goals than any other. Then do it!

I know this can appear too simplistic and maybe even unrealistic when you have a mountain of stuff that needs doing. I would suggest though that the reality is this:

If you don\’t work towards your long term goals today, who will? 



copyright: Louise Jenner 2013

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