Who Hires a Coach?

So, who hires a coach?  Is it just the high-flying types maybe? Or maybe you think it\’s the stupid ones who \”can\’t work it out for themselves\”?  The truth is that smart people from every single background you can imagine hire a coach.  The one thing they have in common is that their present is not how they would like their future to look.

Some people can read a self-help book, learn the lessons, take the required actions and achieve the desired results.

The rest of us may need more personal support to get where they want to be.  We have questions that the book can\’t answer.  We have unique situations that the book doesn\’t cover. We thrive when someone holds us accountable for our progress.

A great coach is honest with you.  She doesn\’t tell you what you want to hear or impose her opinions upon you.  She\’s not your best friend and she\’s not your boss!  She IS someone that has your best interests at heart, she DOES care that you achieve your dreams and she WILL help you to think clearly and come to your own conclusions and solutions.

Your kid\’s football team has a coach.  Your favourite sports star has a coach.  You can bet the most successful people you know have had some coaching along the way.

Do you have an issue at work that\’s bugging you?  Do you want to sell more product? Are you keen to see more success in your life?  Are you in danger of burning out if you don\’t make some significant changes?

Maybe you should hire a coach.

A 35 minute sample coaching session is FREE.  That 35 minutes could be the start of your new way of life!

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