What makes you, YOU?

YOU are pretty special. You probably don\’t think so but just ask around! Your friends, your colleagues, your boss (?), your close family will all be able to tell you what\’s so great about having you in their life.

Although you may dismiss their compliments and feelings, the fact remains that they recognise your qualities far easier than you do! If you don\’t believe me, flip it! Think of someone you know who likes to hide their light under a bushel. I bet you can think of at least three great things about them. And, I bet you can go beyond the superficial too.

One of my best friends is a great example. She is (in no particular order) kind, clever, smart, an excellent cook, an animal lover, an inspirational teacher, an entrepreneur, an adventurer and she has amazing flair with interiors. Added to that she has great tolerance and patience. She is sensitive and very sweet natured. She also has a MASSIVE work ethic, can multi-task like Wonder Woman, is generous and she\’s a whole lot of fun to be around. Well, of course she\’s my best friend when you put it like that!

However, if you asked her to describe herself, would you get the same list? Ha! Not on your nelly! She would come over all self-deprecating and modest and, without realising it, she\’d start to do herself down. And she\’s not alone, is she? We all do this  –  LOTS.

In one session this week I was asking my client about her strengths for her CV and she said, \”I don\’t want to sound like I\’m blowing my own trumpet!\” It\’s a CV – that\’s exactly what it\’s for!

Later, at a networking meeting, a very pleasant chap that I\’d just met told me, \”I\’m a failed IFA.\”  – I discovered (because I asked!) that he had a 20 year career as an IFA!  20 years in financial services is not my definition of failure!

So, whether you are looking for a new position, seeking promotion or launching a new business, please, this week, start to talk yourself UP! 

Good Luck! xx

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