So, it\’s Thursday and I\’ve been thinking about you….

You know, you said that this is not your dream job and that what you really want to do is something else, somewhere else with someone else? Well that\’s great and I\’m really happy to help you make the changes you need to get there but there\’s a small hitch…. I\’m not sure that you want it enough.

I think you\’ve been wondering \”Is the grass really greener over there?\” and letting some doubts and fears hold you back.


Here\’s the thing, you say you want to change but what have you actually done to make it happen? Flicked through the jobs pages in the local paper? Had a bit of a surf through the job-sites online? Whinged a bit to your mates and family about how rubbish it is at work? Mmm… you and I both know that none of this is actually going to change anything and yet somehow it\’s easier than taking the steps towards the life you really deserve.

\”But, what if………?\”  you ask…..

Try this: for every negative \’what if?\’ ask yourself the positive opposite.

So: \’What if it all goes wrong?\’ should be partnered with: \’What if it all goes right?\’  and  

\’What if everyone hates me?\’ should be matched with: \’What if everyone loves me?\’

As soon as we start this exercise we begin to realise that the answers are unrealistic either way. Even in the worst situations when we feel like it\’s all gone wrong, there\’s always some good to come of it and hey, you just can\’t please all of the people all of the time. These \’what ifs\’ are just excuses and deep down we know it.

The great news is that the path to your dream job is right there in front of you, waiting for you to step on it. Then you can take each step at your own pace and I will help you along the way.  After all I\’m not suggesting that you go it alone and rush into anything without weighing up the pro\’s and con\’s; I\’m merely suggesting that the best way to see if the grass is really greener over there is to step on it and take a look.

You are way too awesome, unique and wonderful to be stuck in this rut feeling miserable, wishing you were in your dream job instead. 

The first step? Oh, it\’s easy: just email me or give me a call or drop a comment below. I\’m looking forward to helping you!  /  07766 250192  /  01452523459

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