Reuben, is convinced there\’s a squirrel up that tree.  He goes there every day, sometimes several times a day and barks up the tree.  I\’m not fluent in Spanielese but I think he says something like:  \”Hey Squirrel, come down here and play with me!\”  The squirrel never appears but Reuben keeps barking up the tree.

There are several lessons we can learn from Reuben about commitment, resilience and consistency but really if Reuben wants to catch a squirrel, he\’s going to need some new skills (like tree-climbing) or a different approach altogether.  Do you need a different approach to catch some more sales?

The dreaded \”S\” word:    SALES     (not squirrels!)

\”Why didn\’t that customer buy?\”  The sales manager asks.  \”Oh, they were just looking…\” replies the salesperson, hoping that might be an end to the conversation.  Or, \”They didn\’t find anything they liked.\”  Or, \”They didn\’t have the budget.\”  Or my favourite, \”They\’ll be back later, after they\’ve had lunch…\”

There are a million excuses for why a customer didn\’t buy and the one we, as salespeople, often overlook is that we didn\’t give them enough advice, knowledge and reassurance to make the decision.  Did we take the time to build the right relationship with the customer?  Did we ask her some decent questions and listen to her answers?  Did we care enough about matching our product or service to her needs? Did we know her budget and show her great value for money options? Did we conclude the conversation with a sensible recommendation that made her feel she\’s in good hands? Did we make her feel great about being the proud owner of a new XXX? Did we? Did we really?

Let\’s start from the customer\’s perspective.  Did she wake up this morning thinking \”I know, I\’ll waste a day of my life today, wandering around, looking at stuff but not buying anything!  Then, maybe I\’ll do the same tomorrow and perhaps again next weekend!\” ? Maybe she did.  Are you that kind of shopper?

Or did she think:  \”You know, I really need to get that washing machine, tv, sofa, car, holiday (whatever) sorted out. I\’m going to go and see what\’s about today.\” ?  There is an intention to buy here, right?

The difference between looking and buying is often the salesperson.  A customer will leave a store if she is ignored and she will leave a store if she\’s pestered.  Getting the balance right is an art-form and results in a great sales performance.  Getting it wrong, knocks your confidence. We know that a salesperson who is lacking confidence is not going to make many sales.

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