Small Food and Drink Producers


We all love food! Better still, we all need food. So, selling food and drink has got to be the easiest thing in the world right? Well, maybe if your product is a best seller, your marketing budget is boundless and what you produce is leagues better than anyone else\’s offering.

So, what if there are some challenges? What if your product is great and you love producing it but you just don\’t see yourself as a salesperson? If you don\’t get excited at the prospect of going to food fairs and shows?  You just don\’t like the \”selling\”?

Well, as much as I LOVE FOOD, I LOVE SELLING!

NOT pushy, in your face, slimy, old second-hand car selling! No! That just pushes customers away anyway.

What I love is listening to customers, chatting to them and having a laugh. I love sharing the thrill of a new taste sensation with another human being, especially one who says they don\’t like X product and then they find they do!

So, there are two options:  You could employ me to sell your product on your behalf, at shows, exhibitions and fairs.  I\’d love that!

Or you could take a course of Personal Coaching with me called \”Improve My Sales\” which would help you become more comfortable communicating with your prospects and turning them into customers who will keep coming back – and bring their mates! Which would you prefer?

There\’s that saying isn\’t there?  You know, \”Catch a starving man a fish and he\’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he\’ll never be hungry again.\”

For a Free Sample Coaching Session (35 minutes) with no obligation, email:

Remember, the best investment (time or money) is the one you make in yourself.  The returns on that investment beat everything!

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