Purple Cathedrals, Pearls & Poo!

Yesterday was a special day. I spent the afternoon with a group of wonderful women discussing social media with the fabulous Gail Gibson, The Portfolio Lifestylist.

Among the assembled group was Janice Lyall of Myndblue Gallery, who is passionate about conserving our beautiful, natural environment and our cultural heritage through contemporary art. You have to see her extraordinary watercolour of Gloucester Cathedral to believe it. Also there, was Christine Stenner who just has to create the most exquisite, bespoke, silver jewellery for your wedding day (inspired by the sea and the coast). Christine does this so that you can share the feeling she gets from being so naturally creative. Then, there was Helen who is going to take 2014 by storm (while breathing deeply and not living in her head too much) with her Elemental Yoga Dance.  Last but not least, there was the lovely Karen Lloyd of Wild & Precious who must have a mention for bringing all her expertise and love of Nature to the table – quite literally, we can enjoy hand-tied bouquets from Karen\’s very own cutting garden very soon. Or, we can have a rummage through some otter poo – if we\’re really good! 😉

These women were inspirational. All are creating a lifestyle and therefore a life on their own terms. Living according to their rules and working in fields were they can indulge their passions.

They define the phrase \”dream job\” because they are doing what they love. Respect and congratulations to them all.

If you are thinking about living the dream and working in your dream job, I\’d love to hear about it. Just tell me what your dream job would look like and why you want to do it, in the comments box below or send me an email at jenner_louise1@me.com .

Links: www.gailmgibson.com



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