How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

Preparing for your next job interview

Preparing for your next job interview? Are you going to do the same things you always do: Pore over the job description and visit the company website and then wonder how you’re going to remember it all on the day? Or would you like to know how you can prepare for your next job interview and go into it feeling confident and excited? Here are some ways that will help you prepare for your next job interview and ensure that you maximise your chances of success.

1. Consider what is important to you

Before you can prepare for your next job interview, let me ask, what does your dream job really look like? There is an exercise that I ask my coaching clients to complete, that’s also in my eBook, called the Career Wheel. This helps you to discover what is important to you in a job, what has been lacking so far in your career and what you want more of in the future.

It could be related to people:  your colleagues, the management or your customers. Maybe the physical environment is important; location, commute, access to the open air? Salary, holiday and employee benefits should be considered along with work-life balance, professional development and career prospects.

2. Get clear about what great looks like to you

For each of the areas mentioned above, it’s worth getting really specific about what ‘great’ looks like. This will be different for all of us. A great commute for me is walking a few steps along the landing to my home office. You might prefer a 30 minute walk or cycle in to work.

Equally, I love having face to face contact with clients (even if it is over zoom these days) and you might prefer to work behind the scenes and never see a customer.

Considering these areas is essential when you’re preparing for your next job interview and can help ensure that you go in full of enthusiasm!

3. Research the company culture when preparing for your job interview

In advance of the interview, you have an opportunity to research the company to assess how close to your definition of ‘great’ they seem to be in all of these areas. I’m happy to say that it’s now easier than ever before to do this research because there are so many resources at your disposal. Ideally, you will have done this before applying for the job but if you haven’t done it yet… do it now!

4. Visit the company’s website

Of course your research when you are preparing for your next job interview should include a visit to the company’s website but remember, this site is professionally designed to show the company at its best. This is its ‘shop-window’ on the internet. Everything will look shiny on here. However, with your list of what’s important to you in front of you, have a look and see what you can find out.

5. Check social media pages

Arguably, a better place to find out about the company’s culture is on their social media pages. Links should be on their website.

Charity work and team activities are often show-cased on facebook. Twitter is a good place to find out what other people are saying about the company – good and bad! While you’re preparing for your next job interivew, you can take the opportunity to engage with the company on social media. Like and follow their accounts and make a positive comment on a post.

LinkedIn is useful for researching the existing employees and for finding out more about the person who is interviewing you. (You can look at their profiles anonymously if you prefer.)

Do your research when preparing for your next job interview! - Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach - Career Coaching - Online - Devon

6. Don’t forget Google when preparing for your next job interview!

Type the company name in the Google search bar and check their Google reviews before hitting the “News’ filter to find out whether they have been in the news recently. Knowing that they’ve just landed a big contract or opened a new site is a great thing to drop into conversation at your job interview.

YOU'RE HIRED!  LinkedIn Recommendation - Rick B 2020 - "Louise helped me to find a new job while relocating across the country during a global pandemic."

7. Check on Glassdoor is a bit like Trip Advisor for job seekers – with one BIG difference. The reviews are anonymous! Previous and current employees rate their employers on this site and although maybe you could forgive a negative review from a disgruntled employee, you’d want to see plenty of positive ones as well. There’s nothing in it for the employee so if there is a good number of rave reviews, that’s definitely a good sign!

A visit to Glassdoor as you prepare for your next job interview is a must!

8. Record your findings

You have now thoroughly researched your potential employer. Hopefully, you made notes and can now build a picture of whether they seem to share your values and what you already decided is important to you. There are some other ways you can prepare for your next job interview and tips for what to do when you get there in this blog post: Dream Job Interview Tips

9. Your next step

A word of caution, it’s possible that what looked like a great opportunity in the job advert has now lost some of its appeal. You may have read something that has unsettled you while you’ve been preparing for your next job interview. So now, you have a choice.

You could save yourself some time and potential heart-ache by cancelling the interview. Be polite and explain that you don’t feel you’d be a good fit for the organisation. Be prepared to give some feedback if they ask why you have come to this decision.

However, you could also decide to go along to the interview and see for yourself what the set up is actually like. You’ll be able to meet people who already work there and judge for yourself. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and keep an open mind!

Of course, if all your research shows that this company really does tick all your boxes then you’ll be feeling on Cloud 9! Going to an interview full of enthusiasm for the company and the role already puts you ahead of the competition who haven’t done their research as thoroughly as you.

Good Luck!

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