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My Personal Development Programmes Will Help You Enhance Every Aspect Of Your Life!

Personal development coaching helps people to realise their potential by assessing all areas of their life, identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses, and developing their skills so they are more able to overcome obstacles.

This explorative process allows clients to transform their lives, creating a healthier work-life balance that supports personal growth.

Through my personal development programmes, clients will learn to balance work and personal commitments more effectively, maximise their professional development, achieve a better quality of life, and maintain healthier relationships.

As part of the coaching process, clients are encouraged to improve their self-awareness by identifying their aspirations and desired areas for improvement. This helps them to achieve benefits across every area of their lives, such as better work performance, more effective communication skills, improved resilience, greater leadership skills, higher motivation, and an improved sense of personal empowerment.

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The easiest way to get started is to book your Clarity Session. It’s completely free and it’s for us to start the process of discovering what your dream job (or business) really looks like.

Book your FREE clarity session now

The easiest way to get started is to book your Clarity Session. It’s completely free and it’s for us to start the process of discovering what your dream job (or business) really looks like.

What Does Personal Development Coaching Involve?

Personal development coaching is a holistic approach to coaching that encourages clients to identify goals for improvement in all areas of their lives, both personal and professional.

During the process, clients undergo a course of transformation by identifying what they want from life, and outlining the practical steps they can take to achieve these goals.

In your sessions, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses and overcome obstacles by setting and achieving realistic targets. This process is unique to each client, and your personal development coaching programme will be based on your aspirations, values, and lifestyle.

Personal development coaching uses evidence-based psychology and behavioural science to promote positive change. The coach/coachee relationship is central to the process, and uses positive role modelling and support to help clients develop their skills and flourish – both professionally and personally.

Unlike traditional psychology – which operates on a deficit-based approach – personal development coaching uses positive psychology, focusing on the individual strengths of each client as part of a strength-based intervention.

This approach helps clients to enhance and apply their existing abilities while developing the skills needed to overcome life’s obstacles. 

How Personal Development Programmes Can Help Individuals

Personal development coaching encourages people to improve their self-awareness by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, aspirations, and areas for improvement. As a result, clients will be able to take an objective view of their life, improve their problem-solving capacity, and attain personal growth.

By taking control of their lives, clients develop greater confidence in their skills – thereby improving self-esteem and resilience. Using these assets, they can then enhance their work performance, improve their leadership and communication skills, set realistic professional goals, and overcome challenges more effectively.

And in their personal lives, the improved communication and interpersonal skills will allow people to build significantly healthier relationships; for instance, clients will be more able to identify which areas of their relations can be improved, and what steps they can take to achieve this.

Plus, through improved goal-setting, clients can more easily identify what they want from life and map out a path to success. This may include having more free time to spend with family and loved ones, or obtaining a better work/life balance, for example.

Short enough to read in your lunch break and it’s packed with tips and information. I wrote it to help you work out what your dream job really looks like and how you can get out there and make it happen!

Short enough to read in your lunch break and it’s packed with tips and information. I wrote it to help you work out what your dream job really looks like and how you can get out there and make it happen!

What The Evidence Says About Personal Development Coaching

Multiple studies have found that personal development coaching offers people significant benefits.

For example, a 2009 study by the International Coach Federation found that of those who undertook personal development coaching:

  • 80% reported improved self-esteem
  • 73% reported improved relationships
  • 72% reported improved communication skills
  • 71% reported improved interpersonal skills
  • 70% reported improved work performance
  • 67% reported improved work/life balance
  • 63% reported improved wellness

About Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach

I have been providing career and business coaching to clients across the UK since 2013.

With experience in a wide range of industries – from trout farming to furniture – I have worked in both small and large companies, giving me invaluable experience in a variety of professional environments.

Plus, as the first female member of the management team at DFS Furniture, I have personally overcome gender-based barriers to employment and take particular pride in helping women to pursue their goals!

Book Your FREE clarity session now

Book Your FREE clarity session now

Here’s What Previous Clients Say

Louise has helped me to improve my business and personal life in so many ways. She has a wide range of business tools to share, a great network of contacts, and makes the whole process a fun and valuable experience. Highly Recommended!

Paul Edworthy

Louise was very helpful at making me see I had lots of options of careers, based on my interests and talents. Once we established the area I was most interested in, she then helped to identify ways to develop this and guide me towards fulfilling the plans.

She has great knowledge and her PAIN letter and other strategies were really useful! Thanks Louise!

Marie Tyrrell

Louise has a great way of asking the right questions and she quickly gets you thinking outside of the box! She puts you at ease very easily and it’s clear she has a huge amount of business knowledge and experience that she brings to her work as a coach.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, support, and growth.

Anna Botsford

Louise is so easy to talk to, helped me with direction, clarity, and self-confidence. Thanks to Louise, I had 3 job interviews & was offered 2 of the positions. Thank you Louise!

Michelle Rochester

I would like to thank Louise who worked with my 17-year-old daughter recently. My daughter had just started 6th form and had no idea what she wanted to do professionally, and so struggled working out where to focus her energies for now and which way to go after school.

Louise had a session with her and my daughter came out absolutely glowing. Louise helped her focus on her strengths and what she enjoys and gave her the space to take a step back and just breathe and review her situation calmly.

She came away with a much clearer idea and a focus about which way to go. Since then, she has started exploring universities and is beginning to have a sense on where she might want to go. It is allowing her to complete her schoolwork with more commitment, she is comfortable looking at additional things to do to ensure she has what she needs to get into a university, and is just a lot happier in herself.

Thank you very much for sorting something in one session that we hadn’t been able to get to grips with over weeks and weeks!

Sandra Kanfer Clarke

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