New Year Resolutions


Last week I was invited back on the Knowing Your Business Show by host, Ian Gentles, to be interviewed LIVE, by Dr Trevor Ray, on the subject of New Year Resolutions. I\’ll tell you now, you need to listen right to the end to hear what I think about that because we chatted about all sorts and everything! Listen here.  While you\’re there, listen to Alison Thompson if you have a book inside you that needs taking \”from possibility to publication\” and Joanne Henson for some fantastic health and wellbeing tips.

Those of you who have been with me for a while will remember that the first time I was interviewed, I was a bag of nerves, waiting for the \’phone to ring! It was a timely irony because it helped me have more empathy with my clients who can feel on edge before they go into their dream job interviews. The good news was that once I was on the \’phone chatting to Iain Nicholson, the nerves just disappeared. To listen to that interview from July 2014, click here!

This time, happily, there were no butterflies at all and I hope that\’s encouraging to hear. Familiarity breeds confidence in this type of situation. The time that you do something new for the first time, is always the most difficult. It does become easier and what at first seemed to be way out of your comfort zone soon becomes comfortable.

So, whatever it is that\’s making you nervous in the new year, take heart. The anticipation is the worst bit. It may well be difficult to make the first move or take the first step. Perhaps, you\’re going to need some help to get there. That\’s ok! In fact it\’s much better to move forward with help than never to move forward at all!

My new year resolution for 2015 is this: \”I resolve to help as many dream job seekers and business owners as I can to fulfil their dreams!\”

If you are reading this and wondering whether you should ask me to help you, please do!

I have just a few spaces left for one-to-one coaching in the new year and one of them has your name on it!

Email me now or pick up the \’phone (01452 523459 or 07766 250192). I\’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Let\’s make 2015 your year!


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  1. Thanks very much for giving up your time to come and work with the students at the Gloscol Fast Forwards job club on Wednesday. Your delivery and activity were all pitched at the right level for the students and I could tell from their response that they had taken on board your message about what employers are seeking from them as they start the process of applying for jobs. It will help them to be able to portray themselves in the best possible light. Thanks again!

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