Monday Motivator

What does Monday feel like for you? Are you springing out of bed, full of excitement and enthusiasm for the week ahead or do you just long for another hour under the duvet?

Today, I\’ll be at the WOMEN OUTSIDE THE BOX festival in Bristol. I\’ve been looking forward to it for weeks; my ticket has been sitting on my desk, poised… I hope to meet and learn from some fascinating people, make some contacts and have some fun. I\’ll be meeting up with fellow coach, Jane AKA \”Wednesday Teatime\”, at some stage for a good old natter and a coffee.

Whether you\’re building a new business or creating your dream job, it\’s important to get out there and do something towards it. When I think to myself \”What should I do next?\” the answer is always \”SOMETHING!\”. Worrying about what you should do can lead to doing nothing so it\’s always best to do something. You might make a mistake but that\’s ok because you can learn from that. Doing nothing teaches you zilch.

This weekend, there was a great article in my local paper, The Citizen, by Sali Green about this very subject, \”Procrastination\”. She quoted Karen Lamb: \”A year from now you may wish you had started today.\”

So, come on, it\’s Monday, let\’s DO SOMETHING!!!


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