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Although it was my dream job, when I first started working in management, I was very young and naive. I made loads of mistakes and, looking back, I bet a few people thought “Who does she think she is?” – or worse!  Over the next twenty years, I know I continued to make mistakes, especially when we were all working under pressure but I tried to learn from them and tried to put things right whenever I could. I learned the hard way.

If you’re reading this then maybe you feel a sense of loneliness in your management role?  You worked so hard for the promotion and you are now working even harder than ever keeping your boss and your team happy.  You like the money though, right?  Grit your teeth and keep going!  Can’t tell your boss how you’re feeling – you might seem weak.  Can’t tell your team – you may lose their respect. Can’t tell your peers, other managers – they are your competition! So, you just keep on, keeping on.

Maybe you read some management books?  Maybe you try and discuss it with your partner/mum/best friend. Maybe you do get some advice and try it out for a while. You hope that if you hang in there, maybe it all gets easier in the end.

Nearly there!

Hang in there!

Imagine if there was someone who understood!  Someone on the outside that you could trust. Someone who would listen! Someone, like me, who could support you, guide you, help you reflect on what’s happening and think clearly about the next step. Someone who wouldn’t judge you, give up on you or let you down and who wouldn’t have a million other things on her mind while she was listening to you. Someone who’s been through it herself and who has come out the other side!

I’m ready to listen whenever you’re ready to talk.

Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach.

Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach.

I’ve handled awkward customers, difficult team members and crazy situations in my time.  I’ve juggled long hours, working weekends and bank holidays.  I started out running a small family business and progressed to a multi-million pound turnover store for Europe’s largest furniture retailer.  My teams have included salespeople, administrators, drivers, warehouse personnel, service personnel, cleaners, chefs, waiters, bar tenders, merchandisers, chamber maids, bakers, even trout-farmers! My customers have been teenagers, pensioners, families, singletons, wealthy, budget-conscious, famous, demanding, easy-going, fun-loving, grumpy, wonderful Joe Public.

You are not alone!

I know how you feel, I have felt the same way and I want to help you feel better, think more clearly and achieve everything you want, for the life you want to live.

All kinds of people hire a coach these days and they all have one thing in common; they aren’t too proud to get some help.  The most successful people you can think of probably have a coach.

Why not you? For a consultation, free of charge, email me now:

Let’s make management your dream job!

Copyright: Louise Jenner 2013

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