Making the most of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn networking is key to making the most of the world\’s largest professional network. Maybe you\’re frustrated in your current job; maybe you feel like you\’re hitting against the glass ceiling or maybe you just want to slow down a bit. If you\’re serious about getting ahead or making a career change, one thing\’s certain – you\’re doing it the hard way if you aren\’t making the most of LinkedIn.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is easily the largest, professional networking platform on the planet! And, since it was taken over by Microsoft in 2016, its user experience is getting better than ever.


I like to think of LinkedIn as a massive conference / trade show where just about everyone you\’ve ever worked with in the past and everyone you\’re likely to work with in the future has a ticket. That\’s to say they signed up.

However, lots of them (maybe you\’re one of them?) haven\’t even turned up at the conference, let alone done anything with the massive opportunity that\’s staring them in the face. LinkedIn networking is something they have failed to identify as a valuable use of their time.

Show Up for LinkedIn Networking!

Showing up means completing and optimising your profile so that people who do find you on LinkedIn know what you\’re about. Here are 3 top tips for optimising your profile:

  1. Insert a great head-shot of you looking ready to meet your dream client / employer. While you\’re at it, include a banner photograph that speaks about your profession, your business or your interests.
  2. Replace the default \”headline\” that simply says what your job title is with something more dynamic. Explain what it is you do that\’s different from your competition. include some keywords.
  3. Write a compelling summary. Not a potted history of your life to date but a clear indication of the kind of person you are and what you want to do for your dream client / employer.

Get Connected So You Can Take Part in LinkedIn Networking!

So, now you\’re inside the conference and looking great, it\’s time to make some connections. Don\’t wander around the trade stands, idly picking up leaflets that will later be filed in the bin; introduce yourself, strike up some conversations, see who you can help in some way.


These days, you don\’t even need to be a 2nd connection to invite someone to connect and LinkedIn have done away with the inquisition about how you know someone. So, find a decent reason to connect with someone and… connect!

Top tip: on mobile, find the 3 dots on your prospect\’s profile page and hit those to find the option to \”Personalize Invite.\” This gives you the opportunity to write them a quick note to explain why you\’d like to connect.

Get Active and Use LinkedIn Networking!

Finally and most crucially: Keep the momentum going. Maintain and cultivate those relationships. Demonstrate what a good egg you really are. Share some best practice by publishing your own work and that of other people whom you like and admire.

Top Tip: you can only publish an article on the desktop version of LinkedIn but it\’s soooo easy! Click the \”Write an article\” button on your home-page and you\’ll find really simple formatting options and places to add pictures, links and videos.



Whatever your purpose for being on LinkedIn, I hope this article has helped you. Please ask me any questions you might have below in the comments or connect with me and send me a private message. I love to receive feedback so fire away!

Wishing you every success…




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