Your Hosts: Jonathan Pollinger and Louise Jenner.

Your Hosts: Jonathan Pollinger and Louise Jenner.

LinkedIn is, in my mind, the virtual equivalent of a swanky wine bar where you show up, looking great and ready to network with like-minded people who are in the same business or industry as you are – or where you would like to be!

Unlike in the “Facebook Café,”  it’s positively encouraged and expected that you will talk business. You can show off your achievements and share your ambitions for the future. You can give and ask for recommendations and you can ask for  introductions to people that you would like to meet. That’s just for starters!

It’s a great place and yet so many job seekers think: “It’s not for me.”  Let me dispel some myths: you don’t have to be high up the career ladder to benefit from LinkedIn and you don’t need to be in a certain “profession” to join. You can become a member, for free, whatever you do, have done or want to do. It’s inclusive and there will be other people in your position already there.

Would you like to learn more about using LinkedIn to get the most out of it for your dream job search? Yay! – You’re in luck!

Jonathan Pollinger and I run regular, online workshops that you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office. They are live and interactive so you can ask questions and make live changes to your profile as we go along.

For more details and to book your place, click here: LinkedIn workshop. 

In the meantime, please connect with me on LinkedIn here.