It\’s Your Money! Guest Blog by Richard Cook

New Year\’s Resolutions

Note from Louise: This is the first in a series of guest blogs that I will be featuring this year. I\’m really excited to showcase the talent of some amazing clients and colleagues and I hope you\’ll enjoy their contributions. This one, about your money, from Richard Cook, The Investment and Retirement Coach and it\’s valid whatever your age. Take it away, Richard!


OK, it might not be the most exciting resolution but this one could be worth a lot of money to you one day or, even better, enable you to retire earlier and enjoy days of leisure in paradise!

My suggestion? Dust down those old pension accounts from previous employments, get up to date details and transfer values and incorporate them into one of the modern, user friendly on line accounts such as Hargreaves Lansdown.

It is your money!

It\’s not rocket science…. The world has moved on and those old plans are expensive, inflexible, and are not going to produce results for you in the modern world. It is your money. A decision that you, or even worse your employer, made years ago on how that money was to be invested cannot possibly be right now.

All of the information and guidance to enable you to take control of, what after all is, your money is easily available. Once the funds are in an online account with instant valuations it will start to truly feel like your money. You do not need to become an expert, or spend much time, to understand what is going on and start to make some real progress in planning for your retirement, however far away that may be.

Whatever career decisions you have made over the last year surely one of the objectives was to make you financially more secure? That will not be achieved by accident. Consolidating those old plans which are doing very little for you is a good starting point. Make it one of your New Year\’s resolutions.

For help or guidance just text \”PENSION HELP\” to 07770 575122 and I will be in touch.

Richard Cook
The Investment and Retirement Coach

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