Interview Nerves!

Having been the interviewer for the last 15 years or so, I know that interviewees get nervous. What I didn\’t realise was that I would too, when it was my turn to be interviewed last Thursday morning for a local radio station! The butterflies in my stomach were turning somersaults, I couldn\’t eat breakfast and I was shocked, after all I\’m \”Ms Confident\” and I can\’t remember the last time I felt nervous about anything. I drank some water, took some deep breaths and told myself to calm down.


The previous day I was feeling fine, not at all nervous, and more out of curiosity than anything else, I\’d asked members of a facebook group if they had any top tips for me. I\’d been told to relax and enjoy myself – it\’s just a conversation they said. Hmmm, I thought, that\’s what I tell my clients too!

However, on the morning of the interview I was, most definitely, not myself. My husband was walking on egg-shells and there was no mistaking it; I was going through the same emotions that my clients experience when they are getting ready for their dream job interviews. Eventually the time warp, that meant every minute that passed felt like an hour, disappeared and it was 10.10am. The time that the \’phone would ring and I would be interviewed, live on air.

It rang and although I was expecting it, I still jumped! Ian Gentles chatted to me and introduced me to Iain Nicholson, who would be asking the questions. Then, I listened to the end of \”The Winner Takes It All\” by Abba before being announced to the listeners of \”Knowing Your Business Show\” live, on \”Radio Horton.\” The butterflies then melted away and I was indeed just having a chat with someone on the \’phone about The Dream Job Coach and what I believe about the subject of success.

I\’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone because it has reminded me how real those pre-interview nerves are for my clients. The experience can only help me to have more empathy. Been there, done that, got the podcast!

Please have a listen and let me know what \’success\’ means to you.

Knowing Your Business Show: Podcast of my interview about Success

And, please know that nerves are good. Butterflies are natural. They come along to remind you how important something is to YOU. My advice is to go with it, in the certain knowledge that once the interview starts, you\’ll get into your flow and it will all be fine. The most famous and celebrated actors still get nervous before going on stage and giving the performances of their lives. With the proper preparation, so will you.

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2 thoughts on “Interview Nerves!”

  1. Hi Louise, well done on the radio!
    For those of us already in our (self-employed) dream jobs, would it be possible for you to write a blog about how to get onto the radio? My attempts so far have been spectacularly unsuccessful!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you!

      I will think about a blog about this subject although, for me, it really happened by happy accident! I responded to a question on the facebook group “Local Business Network” by Ian Gentles of IG Digital Media, we got talking and he offered me a slot on his show. I cannot stress enough how important social media is in 2014. We are very fortunate to have free access to so many people world-wide these days. Imagine trying to start a business even ten years ago without this amazing resource!

      One salient point to remember though: once you have connected on social media, try to do so by phone or in real life too. That way, you build meaningful, human relationships that are often worth their weight in gold!

      Very best wishes, Louise. xx

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