How to Succeed in Your First 90 Days in Your New Job

Your first 90 days in your new job are crucial to your long-term success because this period is known as your probation. At the end of 3 months, the question on your employer’s mind is simple: Should you stay and build your career in this company or go and find employment elsewhere?

So, if this is your ‘dream job,’ i.e. the one that’s right for you, right now, what can you do to ensure that your employer wants you to stay?

I have 3 top tips to share with you to help you succeed in your first 90 days in your new job and they are relevant whatever your age and whatever your industry, rank or profession.

Aim for excellence!

First of all, you’ve been hired to do a job, and this might sound obvious, but do it! If you’re a graduate or school-leaver, you will undoubtedly receive a lot of training in this period. Pay attention, be a sponge, ask questions and be proactive. Put what you learn into action as quickly as you can. Aim for excellence in all that you are asked to do.

If you’re more experienced, you’ve been hired for what you already know and for the expertise you’ve already acquired so don’t be afraid to put that into action. Use your initiative and make a positive difference!

Be super-reliable!

Secondly and this is hugely important – be reliable! You could be the most competent worker they have ever employed, a potential superstar but if you can’t be relied upon to be where you’re supposed to be when you’re meant to be there, you could soon find yourself looking for another job.

This isn’t rocket science. We’re talking punctuality, attendance, flexibility and the willingness to get stuck in when needed.

Be great to have around!

Thirdly, be a great team player and provide excellent customer service. How you behave with other people is going to be key to your long-term success. Nobody wants to work with a mood hoover! So, even if you’re feeling a bit nervous, put a smile on your face, say hello and be polite to everyone.

A great team is made up of individuals who respect and complement one another so don’t feel like you have to alter your personality to fit in. You simply need to behave appropriately. Enthusiasm and a willingness to help and learn from your coworkers will always be welcomed.

Ace your 3-month review!

OK, so let’s imagine that your 3-month review is coming up. You’ve been super-reliable, produced some great work, and got on well with your coworkers and customers. Here’s a bonus tip: Share these successes with your employer at your review.

You might be forgiven for expecting them to have noticed how great you are and how hard you’ve been working but guess what? They are busy people and they have lots of things to keep their eyes on every day. Not just you. So, keep a journal, highlight your wins and be prepared to share them with your manager at your review. Help them to see how much you’re enjoying the work and how keen you are to succeed in the organisation. You’ll be making the decision to keep you much easier for them!

Now you may be reading this and thinking this is all well and good for other people but what if you don’t like the work or if you don’t get along with your new colleagues? In that case, I guess that someone made a mistake in the recruitment process. If you were in your ‘dream job’ my tips would be simple to follow. It may be that you’ve chosen the wrong profession or industry but it could also be that you’ve chosen the wrong employer for you.

For help clarifying your dream job, please do get in touch. It’s more than a job title; there are many other factors to take into account.

Copyright: Louise Jenner – 2023

Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach is a career and business coach based in Devon. She provides one-to-one coaching to help you make the most of your professional life and offers a coaching programme tailored to support you in your first 90 days in your new job.

2 thoughts on “How to Succeed in Your First 90 Days in Your New Job”

  1. Great post Louise! I think it’s all very good advice 👍

    The only thing I might want to add is that since first impressions matter, people may want to do things like turn up early on their first few days, dress particularly smart, or maybe bring a little gift or something to say ‘Thank You’ to the people who hired them? Just a thought.

    1. Thanks, Alex. Yes, your tips are great too. Turning up early certainly fits with my point about reliability and your ideas about dressing smartly and bringing a gift would be a lovely way to get off on the right foot with new colleagues. They show respect and gratitude which would be appreciated, I’m sure!

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