4 thoughts on “How to get your dream job (Cheranne Hack’s interview with me.)

  1. stuart.leech@btinternet.com

    Hi Louise

    Hope your well and business is brisk!!

    I wanted to add a comment about interviews through my working life I have worked with many high profile entrepreneurs both in the City of London and indeed with many company CEO ‘s. I have found the following plays the most important part to any interview where the applicant is good at people skills (which most applicants lack I might add).

    Interviews are nothing more than influencing,gaining trust, and to find your other persons weakness..this the latter I have found is the most important part of any interview from the applicants perspective.

    Most candidates fail on the following points…. Company research, what is expected of them, products,and with todays technology the ability where possible to find out about the individual interviewing them.

    Most applicants “feel” the underdog at interviews,without the skills the applicant can bring to any company no company can operate successfully this the applicant should always remember!

    Ask awkward question,of the interviewer such as ..’tell me with your climb to where you find yourself today what would you have improved upon as a director/manager’…’tell me in one sentence what you are really looking for for this position…’ tell me about your background as I am sure you have been in this seat what is it you are looking for to make the company more profitable’ etc etc

    Cv’s play are large part as most are poorly put together 75% about education and 25% about what they are doing, there are more graduates working in McDonalds they I care to think about!

    If you belive in yourself and have the passion and drive nothing is impossible, dreams are for dreamers… Action is what makes dreams a reality!!

    Take care and good success Louise..



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