Why is it that some people seem to know how to get hired easily and glide effortlessly up the career-ladder while others struggle to even get on the first rung? Is it luck or knowing the right people? Maybe. Could it be that they are willing to do what others are not? Possibly.

How to get hired

When I was working as the manager of a very successful retail store, looking for the right people to take on and develop often felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. The company I worked with was amazing. We offered great earning potential, a lovely working environment and lots of other perks and yet it was such a struggle to attract the right talent.

I would hear how many millions of people were registered as jobless and despair! Where were they, let alone the people who were already employed but who wanted to move on and progress their careers?

The truth was, the majority of those who did apply for our fantastic opportunities were not showcasing their strengths effectively enough to enable me and my fellow managers to hire them. Incomplete application forms, dreary cover letters and poorly constructed cvs left us confused before we even met the candidates. Then when we did interview someone, they were often so under-prepared and nervous that they could have been the best candidate on the planet and we wouldn’t have known!

Friends and colleagues would say to me, “Can’t you just take a punt? Give them a chance!”

But when I thought of the cost of recruiting and training someone who might be alright, it was often too big a gamble for me to take with my company’s money.

So, what did the successful candidates do differently?

Three things, actually. They demonstrated their reliability, the quality of their work and that they would be excellent to work with, as a team member and with customers.

Truly, in my opinion, these are the only three things that any employer wants to be sure of in order to hire anyone to do anything. So whether your ambition is to win that promotion, change company or make a complete career-change, my advice is to ensure you can prove that you are super reliable, that the quality of your work is delivered at a very high standard and that you are fabulous to have around the place. If you can do that effectively enough, you will get hired!

When I’m working with my Career Coaching Clients, we spend time reflecting on the best examples they have to showcase these three areas. Then we create the compelling stories that they can tell at interview in order to demonstrate them. This process is a huge confidence boost for most people because suddenly they don’t need to fear the questions they will be asked at interview. I call this process: 1-2-3, Please Hire Me!

Most (if not all) questions asked by an interviewer will fall into one of those three categories and so all my clients need to do is think to themselves, “Is that a reliability, quality of work or behaviour question?” – and then answer it accordingly with their pre-prepared, true story that showcases their strength in that area.

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5 Star Review

I shared this information on one of my webinars and was delighted when an attendee wrote this 5 star review on my Facebook page a day or so later:

“I attended a webinar hosted by Louise [ ] As a seasoned HR professional, recruiter and Talent Manager I genuinely didn’t expect to learn much. How wrong could I have been! Louise’s “1-2-3 Please Hire Me!” process is inspired! Genius.

If you feel stuck, miserable or frustrated by your work life then please do not let this year finish in the same way last year did! Talk to The Dream Job Coach!”  – S.T.

I couldn’t have put it better myself! (Thank you Sarah!)

When you have been successful in an interview in the past, maybe you just got lucky but I’m willing to bet that, on that day, you managed to demonstrate better than the other candidates that you were super reliable, could do the job to a very high standard and that you were a decent person to have about the place. That’s how you got hired before and it’s how you’ll get hired again. As you move on through your career, you may have to work harder to find the relevant examples for your next step up the ladder. You may face stiffer competition and there may be more at stake than there was last time.



Next Steps

Don’t let any of that hold you back though. If you’re feeling frustrated in your current situation the only way out is to take positive action. You don’t need to do it alone either. It took me four years to make the overnight decision to leave my last employed position. If I’d reached out for help sooner, I’m certain I’d have saved myself a lot of stress and heart-ache. Whether it’s with  me or someone else, coaching can help you make a plan and it can stop you making rash decisions that you could later regret.

For those who are really miserable at work, simply making an appointment to see a coach can be enough to help them feel better. It’s that small action, that tiny step in the right direction that counts. Suddenly, you’re back in charge of your life which is just as it should be!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this post or how you can improve your chances of getting hired. You can comment below or email me direct.

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This post was first published in 2017 and has been updated.

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