How much?

Good evening!

I must start with an apology. I\’m so sorry! What was I thinking? Why would I ask you to invest in coaching (possibly the best investment you\’ll ever make!) and not tell you the price?

Well, I\’ve been trying to take this thing slowly. I didn\’t want to rush you. I knew you\’d want to think about it for a while. I wanted to think about it for a while and really be sure that what I have to offer is something you would want to buy!

So, several \”experiments\”, \”test projects\” and down right fabulous conversations later, here we are.

           *** A huge   THANK YOU   to my lovely, willing guinea pigs, you know who you are! ***

The information you need has just been published up there, to your right, on the new page called: coaching programmes.

As ever, please email me at:   to claim your first session FREE!

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