Friday Feelings


Wow! Don\’t you just love that Friday feeling? The weekend\’s nearly here and that\’s going to be amazing but just look at the difference a week has made! Look at everything you\’ve achieved. Are you Super Human or what?!!

Here at Dream Job Central, it has been a pretty great and interesting week. My clients have been awesome, of course. More awesome than they realise, in fact! Upon reading the first draft of her new cv, one said with some surprise in her voice: \”I don\’t sound half bad!\”   …OK, so we now need to work on eliminating the habit that so many of us have of talking ourselves down! This particular client is more than half fabulous, you know!

This week also saw the launch of The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, at a wonderful up and coming location called, The Manor By The Lake. What a beautiful place! I felt like I was sight-seeing in some stately home rather than networking with the great and the good of Cheltenham. Anyway, while I was sipping a chilled Prosecco and nibbling a canapé, I was actually chatting to some lovely people. I go to these events to get the Dream Job Coach\’s name out there and see if I can win some referral business but at this one, a strange thing happened. I just started each conversation like this: \”Hello, I\’m Louise, the Dream Job Coach. I hope you\’re already in your dream job?\” More often than I\’d ever imagined the responses were not the emphatic \”Yes, let me tell you about my business\” that you\’d expect from directors and self-employed types. Instead they were saying, \”Well, this is what I do but this is what I\’m thinking about doing / would rather be doing  / am trying to set up…\” 

….Interesting!  Why do some successful people, who are running their own businesses and calling the shots, wish they were doing something else instead? Well, maybe they are just like the rest of us. Maybe they have the same self doubt. Maybe it\’s easier to stay in the comfort zone. Maybe it\’s down to \”circumstances\”.

I\’m so looking forward to working with some of these people to help them clarify their thinking so they can take their amazing ideas and dreams and turn them in to reality.

Life\’s too short for working in anything less than your dream job, wouldn\’t you agree?

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