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EBOOK: Your Dream Job – How to find it and get hired to do it! – By Louise Jenner

My eBook, “Your Dream Job, How to find it and get hired to do it!” is a bit of an overview of the way I work with my career-change clients.

When I was considering making my own career change back in 2012/13 I was cautious and wary. I read A LOT OF SELF-HELP BOOKS before I committed to changing my life. I’m hoping that you might only need to read mine and as it’s short enough to read in your lunch hour, what’s to lose?

So, if you’re unsure what your dream job actually looks like and you’d like to have a go at figuring it out before we meet, please head over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of my ebook right now. It’s only £1.99!

The book contains some exercises (they take a bit longer than one lunch hour!) and lots of tips – I’d love to know which ones help you the most! And, as it’s only recently been published, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave a 5 star review when you have a moment to do so.

Louise Jenner is known as The Dream Job Coach and The Dream Biz Coach. She provides career coaching and business coaching, face-to-face in South Devon and online via free video link if you’re further afield.

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Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach - Career Coaching and Business Coach - Gloucester - Working with you to move from frustration to fulfilment in your professional life.

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