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Are you a campion?

That\’s not a typo! I know you are a champion but it is a little pink campion that is the inspiration for this post for lots of reasons. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be tramping around a lake in the summer drizzle with a group of like-minded businesswomen, one of whom, Cassandra Eve, of Whole Woman, led a guided meditation. Now, I\’m not, traditionally, the kind of person who goes in for meditation. What I\’ve realised, though, is that there\’s room in the toolbox for all sorts of ways to gain clarity, motivation and inspiration. I\’m a bit behind on this one and I intend to catch up quick!

Cassandra asked us to focus on one thing about our business, maybe the next step or maybe the big picture. I chose to go BIG PICTURE! Then she asked us to think of the emotion that goes with that vision and into my mind popped the word, JOY. My business fills me with joy and my vision for the future is that all of my clients experience the joy that comes with loving what you do or having your dream job.


It\’s the absolute opposite to the feeling of dread that you feel when you wake up knowing that you are going to work when you\’re not in your dream job.

Next she asked us to attach a colour to the emotion. I saw green and then a bright, cerise pink. These are both colours that I use a lot in my own branding so I can\’t tell you that my imagination was working overtime, here. However, when I finally opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the greenery in front of me and then wherever I looked, little pink flowers of varying hues were striking out bravely in spite of the bigger, tougher plants all around them and, as I mentioned earlier, the very unseasonal weather! And I thought of YOU.

Well, you, me (back in the day) and all the other dream job seekers that I know! Each one a singular piece of beautiful nature. Each struggling against the odds to keep our heads up. Often dealing with rocks and weeds and big, tough guys. Working hard to be noticed and to avoid being trampled upon. Feeling a bit lonely sometimes. A bit isolated and yet…. so full of potential and promise!

As we continued our walk, I noticed more of these flowers, on their own or in twos and threes, then, low and behold, there was a properly abundant patch of them. The individual flowers were still unique but they had found strength in numbers and were flourishing. There were so many that they had pushed out the weeds and covered over the rocks as if they just had no room for negativity and their success was inevitable, regardless of their humble beginnings. They were champion campions!

I was reminded of Goldie Hawn\’s book, \”A Lotus Grows in the Mud,\” in which she reminds us, through her own story, that the most beautiful flowers grow in the toughest conditions you can imagine.

The Dream Job Club

My vision was clarified. I intend to help you and as many others as possible to find joy in your work; to find your dream job! My new and very top \”secret\” facebook group is where you belong if you want to be inspired and supported by other dream job seekers. It\’s a totally confidential and safe space where you can ask the questions you want to ask and mix with other fantastic people who are on their dream job search too. We also have a select few, expert members who offer up tips and advice for free. It\’s developing into an incredibly valuable resource indeed. For more information on how you can become a member of The Dream Job Club, please call, send me an email or a private message on facebook.

Remember, \”If you\’re not in your dream job, you\’re in someone else\’s!\”


Why don\’t you try meditation as a way of clarifying your dream job? A simple visualisation of what your ideal working day would look like can offer up many clues to your dream job. If you have tried this already, I\’d love to hear what happened or if you give it a go now, please let me know how you get on! There\’s a comments form below…

Have a great week and enjoy your dream job search! I hope to see you in The Dream Job Club very soon.

Best wishes,



Photo Credits: Joyful people jumping: pixabay.com; all other photo\’s are my own!
© Louise Jenner 2015


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