Dare to Dream?

Dream Job?

Is that really possible for all of us? Isn\’t it a bit …unrealistic? Should we really dare to dream that we could love our work?

YES! YES! YES! We should.

Can everyone be an astronaut, prima ballerina, brain surgeon, just because we dream of it?

No! These vocations take loads of talent, drive, persistence, dedication, determination and a huge amount of effort that not many of us would be willing to put in even if we did dream of flying through space like Flash Gordon.

So, what do we mean when we say, \”Dream Job\”? For me, it\’s when you look forward to your work. The thought of going back there doesn\’t spoil your days off and wreck the last part of your holiday. You\’re comfortable in the working environment. You fit with the company culture. You feel appreciated by your colleagues and your manager. The work stretches you, makes you think and strive to do the best you can without stressing you out.

It might be different for you. Is it? What\’s your definition? I\’d love it if you would share it in the comments box below…

I hope you\’re already in your dream job because, if you\’re working full time, you\’re spending about a third of your life there! If you aren\’t satisfied in your current role, should you dream of a better place? YES! Of course you should. Dream away! Then, before making any big decisions, I would always suggest that you think about whether you could bring the \”better\” to where you are now. For example, if you\’d rather work with friendlier, more energised and positive colleagues, ask yourself what you could do to bring some energy and positivity to your current team. If you\’d rather work in a more stretching role, ask yourself whether you have fully investigated the prospects within your company. Sometimes relatively small changes to our situation can bring about massive benefits.

However, if you\’ve done all you can to make your current job your dream job and it\’s still a nightmare, it\’s definitely time to take some action.

To quote Marianne Cantwell: \”If you only had one life, what would you do with it? …… You have, you know!\”

Or, \”If you only had one life, would you really want to be doing this job?\”

To discuss your personal situation in more detail, contact me for a Free Dream Job Consultation. It\’s easy, just –

email: jenner_louise1@me.com or call 07766 250192

Thinking of leaving it until the New Year? So will most people and you know what? Most of them will never get round to it. They promised themselves a new job for 2012 and 2013 and they are still right where they were in 2011! Good intentions and all that!

Be good to yourself, do it now. Get ahead of the curve. Use this period before Christmas to prepare your action plan for 2014. Then, come January, you will be well on your way to your Dream Job.

email: jenner_louise1@me.com or call 07766 250192

Still hesitating? What\’s stopping you? Are you happy being the underdog? Maybe you\’re scared it won\’t work or, that it will?! Don\’t you deserve to be happy at work? Come on, you have NOTHING to lose. The first session is FREE with no obligation to continue.

email: jenner_louise1@me.com or call 07766 250192

I dare you! 😉

Your Dream Job is waiting for YOU!

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