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The Dream Job Coach

The Dream Job Coach® Louise Jenner

So, you’ve decided, you’re going to invest in yourself and get some coaching to help you create your dream job or business.

They say there’s one thing worse than wasting money and that’s wasting time, so don’t delay! You’re one step closer to loving what you do already and I’m excited about working with you to help you move from frustration to fulfilment in your professional life.

Simply choose what’s best for you from the options below:

Career Clarity Coaching Session

This session is perfect for you if you aren’t sure about what your next career move should be. You know you have more to give, that there must be more to life than this and you need to get some headspace in order to work out what that might be. Let’s take an hour and do just that!

“Thank you for a great Clarity session yesterday. I loved exploring my dream job with you. I highly recommend your session for anyone feeling stuck in a rut!” Ameena Cott 




A one-off, personal tutorial, coaching you on the subject of your choice.     £249.00

“Thank you for the 5 star meeting. Your advice about Facebook and LinkedIn has given me the courage to improve on these sites, as well as my website, for business purposes.” – John C Young.

Interview Preparation 

You have interviews coming up and you want to give yourself the best chance of success.

Includes: 2 personal coaching sessions plus one assignment to complete at home: 123, Please Hire Me!


“I attended a webinar hosted by Louise about her new online program about 10 steps to Career Heaven. As a seasoned HR professional, recruiter and Talent Manager I genuinely didn’t expect to learn much. How wrong could I have been! Louise’s “1-2-3 Please Hire Me!” process is inspired! Genius. If you feel stuck, miserable or frustrated by your work life then please do not let 2017 finish in the same way 2016 is for you! Talk to The Dream Job Coach!” – Sarah Dena

Your Dream Job Programmes 

Coaching to help you create your dream job.

Let what you love, be what you do!

The 3 month programme includes: One-to-one coaching sessions each month, 10 assignments to complete in your own time, membership of Your Dream Job Clients Forum and unlimited email support. This is great if you have a fair idea about what your dream job might look like; you need practical help to make it happen.    >>> More Info <<<

£997.00 – Ask me about paying monthly.


“Working with Louise has been a real boost – getting me started on a journey , which I now know how to take forward. She manages to combine much needed positive support, with the ability to challenge, even when it’s uncomfortable. She really knows what she is talking about as well as being very generous with sharing information and connections.” – Anna Poulton

The 6 month programme includes: One-to-one coaching sessions each month, 10 assignments to complete in your own time, membership of Your Dream Job Clients Forum and unlimited email support. This option is for you if you are really stuck about what else you could / should do but you know that you can’t carry on like you are. 

>>>More Info<<<

£1600.00 – Ask me about paying monthly.

Your Dream Business Coaching

Coaching to help you create your dream business.

What’s your dream business?

You are a business owner or manager or you’re considering a start-up and would like to talk to me about coaching / sales training for you and/or your team. Packages can be tailor-made for individual businesses. Give me a call: 07766 250192 or choose one of the options below…

Create Your Dream Business Clarity Session

This session is perfect for you if you want to become self-employed but you’re not sure where to start or if you have already set up but things aren’t as dreamy as you’d like them to be!

“I had my first consultation with Louise yesterday. We used Zoom, as I’m based in Ireland. I’m self employed and had been feeling a little lost, bogged down in technology troubles and self-doubt-monsters.

An hour later, I was feeling inspired again to do what I love, full of great ideas, and very practical tips for the techie stuff. Louise is incredibly savvy at social media marketing, and gave me tips I hadn’t known about even though I’m in a group specifically for that. We also came up with some excellent ways of marketing myself locally.

I now see the way forwards. A thousand thanks Louise. Your insight is priceless. I will be back for more!” – Sarah Compton

£149.00   (Free when you upgrade to one of your dream business coaching programmes below.)

Your Dream Business Start-Up Programme (3 months)

Coaching for your dream business start up

Your Dream Business Start Up

This programme is for you if you’re in the early stages of setting up your dream business. In 3 months, we cover the practicalities of starting your business as well as motivating you to get things done and encouraging you to be accountable for your progress.

Includes: One-to-one coaching sessions each month, 10 assignments to complete in your own time, membership of the Dream Business Mastermind Group and unlimited email support.


“Louise lit up the pathway to me finding my new place in life. Thanks to her ‘Financial Freedom Fighter’ was born. I can highly recommend Louise and if you missed her webinar this time round, make sure you get the next one!” – Fanny Snaith

>>>More Info<<<

£997.00Ask me about paying monthly.

Your Dream Business Mentoring (12 months)

If your business is more established and you’d benefit from some time out each month to keep you on track, this programme is for you. One of the toughest things to deal with when you’re self-employed is not having a “boss” to hold you to account for your progress. It’s your business and I won’t “manage” you but I will encourage you, be your sounding-board and guide you objectively when you face challenges. I’ll also be your greatest cheer-leader and first in line to celebrate with you when you’re winning!

This arrangement includes: One-to-one coaching/mentoring sessions each month, Membership of the Dream Business Mastermind Group, Unlimited email support and bonus group coaching calls and workshops.

>>>More Info<<<

£3000 – Ask me about paying monthly.


Q: I don’t live in Gloucester, how can we meet up for the coaching sessions?

A: We can use a free, online, video service called Zoom which is very effective and simple to use.

Q: Where in Gloucester do we meet in person for our personal coaching sessions?

A: We usually meet at The Growth Hub, Oxstalls Campus, Oxstalls Lane, Gloucester GL2 9HW (Parking is £1.60 – card payments only)

Q: How long are my personal coaching sessions?

A: Approximately one hour. Double sessions are available.


Copyright: Louise Jenner 2017

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