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Louise Jenner Is One Of The UK’s Leading Career Consultants

Are you:

  • Searching for the perfect job in your current career?
  • Planning to start a new career?
  • Aspiring to start your own business?

It’s easy to feel lost when you are thinking of taking your career in a new direction.

You may find that you are struggling to visualise where you want your career to go over the coming years. Or maybe you’ve set goals, but have no actionable plan to achieve them.

As a specialist Career Coach, I can provide a unique career mentoring service informed by years of experience in a wide range of industries. I take pride in delivering holistic Career Mentorship programmes that consider your professional aspirations, personality, and private commitments, to help you get the best from your career while achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Career Mentorship has been proven to help professionals with their personal development and well-being, as 87% of mentees and mentors report that their relationship helps them feel more empowered and have higher levels of confidence. Meanwhile, nine out of ten workers with a mentor feel happier in their career, resulting in improved levels of workplace well-being and lower stress levels.

Using my experience in professional goal-setting, I can help you to clarify your career aspirations and set realistic targets that will make your career trajectory grow and flourish.

But don’t just take my word for it – the statistics speak for themselves!

For instance, mentees are five times more likely to be promoted than those without a career mentor, and 25% of career mentees receive a salary increase compared to just 5% who didn’t participate in a Career Mentorship Programme.

My services support professionals to set achievable career goals and create a clear, actionable plan to make their dreams a reality. With my career mentoring service, you will be supported to identify and resolve gaps in your knowledge and experience, enhance your career development, and improve your chances of success when applying for your dream job or starting your own business.

Plus, through my Career Mentoring services, you can enhance your networking opportunities by meeting other like-minded professionals in your field, thereby opening up new opportunities for job vacancies, collaborations, and professional relationships.

Book Your FREE clarity session now

The easiest way to get started is to book your Clarity Session. It’s completely free and it’s for us to start the process of discovering what your dream job (or business) really looks like.

Book your FREE clarity session now

The easiest way to get started is to book your Clarity Session. It’s completely free and it’s for us to start the process of discovering what your dream job (or business) really looks like.

How Career Mentors Can Help Businesses

Is your business:

  • Searching for ways to improve employee productivity?
  • Looking to increase staff retention and engagement?
  • Aiming for sustainable growth and development?

Career mentorship programmes don’t just offer benefits to employees; they provide huge advantages to businesses and organisations too.

For instance, 92% of Fortune 500 companies use Career Mentorship programmes, while between 56% and 71% of all organisations around the world offer career mentorship to some degree.

Why Are Career Consultants So Valuable To Companies?

Career Mentorship Programmes offer many benefits to organisations, including increased productivity, better employee retention rates, and greater workforce growth and development.

Let’s take a closer look.

Increased Productivity

A study by Wharton indicates that Career Mentorship Programmes were found to be a significant influencing factor on productivity, with 67% of businesses reporting increased productivity following the hire of a career mentor.

In short, by improving workplace morale and job satisfaction, employees stay more engaged and have higher levels of motivation, which produces measurable results!

Better Retention Rates also found that Career Mentorship Programmes can greatly improve staff retention rates, with data showing that the retention rate for mentees was as high as 72%, compared to just 49% for non-mentees.

In fact, 50% of young professionals would be more likely to stay at a company if they were offered a mentorship programme, while a further 86% said that mentorship is a factor for staying within an organisation, with 43% describing it as a significant factor.

Plus, 90% of Career Mentees report high levels of job satisfaction, helping them to stay motivated and engaged in their workplace.

Greater Growth And Development

By investing in their employees’ professional growth and development, companies can reduce the need for making costly and time-consuming new hires; instead, they can upskill existing staff to fill vacant roles, thereby ensuring that people they already trust are moved into important positions. 

As part of my career mentoring service, I work with clients to identify and resolve any gaps in skills or experience by (wherever possible) empowering their existing workforce to attain the required knowledge and further their own careers as a result.

Short enough to read in your lunch break and it’s packed with tips and information. I wrote it to help you work out what your dream job really looks like and how you can get out there and make it happen!

Short enough to read in your lunch break and it’s packed with tips and information. I wrote it to help you work out what your dream job really looks like and how you can get out there and make it happen!

Career Mentoring For Small Businesses

Career Mentorship Programmes can have significant advantages for small businesses, including reducing absenteeism, minimising employee training costs, and enhancing the performance of management.

Career Mentorship Programmes can even help your small business to survive its early stages, as 92% of surveyed small business owners agree that hiring a mentor has directly improved the growth and survival rate of their business. Meanwhile, a staggering 70% of small businesses that have a mentoring programme in place survive for five years or more – compared with just 35% without a mentoring programme.

Career Mentoring For Women

As a leader in the Devon Women In Business networking group, I am particularly passionate about supporting women to reach their full potential.

The business world can be a challenging place for female professionals. We face a wide range of advancement barriers, from sexual discrimination and harassment, to pay inequity and additional family commitments. As a result of these issues, 75% of women professionals prefer to have a career mentor of the same gender, who may be more able to empathise with their situation and provide more relevant career advice.

Women have been proven to underestimate themselves and their abilities, and are far less likely to self-promote than men, which can leave them at risk of being overlooked in the workplace.

My Career Mentorship Programmes support female professionals to build their confidence, take control of their careers, and get themselves noticed – all of which can help to secure more senior roles and increases in salary.

Throughout my career coaching sessions for women, I will help you to improve your confidence at work, fight for the opportunities you deserve, and find the right work-life balance.

About Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach

I have been providing career and business coaching to clients across the UK since 2013.

With experience in a wide range of industries – from trout farming to furniture – I have worked in both small and large companies, giving me invaluable experience across a variety of professional environments.

Plus, as the first-ever female member of the management team at DFS Furniture, I have personally overcome gender-based barriers and take pride in helping other women to achieve their professional goals.

Book Your FREE clarity session now

Book Your FREE clarity session now

Here’s What Previous Clients Say

I started my journey with Louise a couple of years ago, as I was feeling lost in my career. I had done quite a few jobs in different sectors, and some I liked more than others. However, it was difficult to discern a “Career Path”.

This was hurting not only my earning potential but more importantly my job satisfaction as well. I knew I needed to move on from my then-current position and to do this I would need some help; that help would need to come in the form of a Career Coach.

After much research, I decided on Louise. It was her experience in management that was a chief deciding factor for me. I think this backed up her credentials, as not only had she been an “employee” per se but also a Hiring Manager, over many years. This, in my mind, proved that Louise should know what companies are looking for in candidates.

After a free Clarity Session, I was sold. Louise had a clear plan of action and targets for me to hit in terms of researching companies and getting to the bottom of what I wanted from my work life.

The subsequent sessions, over several months in my case, gave me great motivation to progress in my career. It turned out that a role in Transport of some description would be the best fit for my skills and interests.

I am not going to lie, it took time for me to find the right role, and I took what turned out to be an interim position whilst looking for my “Dream Job”. However, the job as a Signaller for Network Rail came up and I applied. The rest as they say is history…

So here I am now, as a new Signaller, in a job I love, and having more than doubled my previous salary can afford to move on with life with things like getting married and upsizing.

I never would have had the confidence to even consider applying for such a role before Louise. Using her tools the selection process was pretty much as straightforward as it could get – even against many very qualified candidates.

Ian Proud

From the very start, Louise took the time to get to know my business thoroughly. All her comments, suggestions and proposed actions fit my business perfectly. This high level of personalised attention is evident in the 1-1 and online meetings and in the quality of support given outside the meetings. She is always ready to give 100% to her clients.

The assignments and discussions have helped me see where I am, how I want to shape my business and what steps I need to take.

With Louise’s expert help, I am creating my dream business. I now know my strengths, how to build my client base, use social media more effectively. I am expanding into new areas that I know I will love.

I would like to say a big thank you for all of the above, all the rest that I haven’t managed to say and for celebrating with me every step I’ve made. Thrive Health Therapies has a bright future now because of the work we have done together.

Whatever stage you are at with your business I highly recommend you get in touch with Louise. Business coaching at its best!

June Carnell

Signing up for Louise’s Dream Job programme was the best career decision I could have made. Within two months I’d gone from not really knowing where to go with my career to being invited for two interviews within my chosen sector and then being offered my dream job.

The first few sessions with Louise gave me the confidence to consider applying for these jobs and I’m convinced that her guidance about how to craft my application helped me to secure the interviews. And as these were my first interviews in around six years, I was rather rusty (not to mention nervous), so I particularly appreciated Louise’s tips about how to best prepare and present myself.

Louise always knew how to address my concerns about finding a new job and also has a wealth of resources available for clients via her social media pages. My advice is to contact Louise and go for it!

Susan Flook


Working with Louise Jenner has been a positive, powerful and transforming journey. When I started with Louise in December 2019. I was feeling disillusioned and wasn’t sure how I could successfully move my business forward.

I highly recommend working with Louise Jenner if you want to move your business forward in dynamic and life-enhancing ways. Since working with Louise, I have radically changed my perspective, valuing my brand and making it more visible. I have moved my business forward on several levels and created more focus.

This change was easier to accomplish, due to Louise being really lovely to work with. She is warm, genuine, understanding, inspirational, has lots of ideas and is very motivating. Louise set enjoyable actions to keep me moving forward and held me accountable for their completion.

She has picked me up when I needed it the most with her wisdom and humour. Louise believed in me and my brand from the start. I have left all of my sessions with her feeling uplifted and inspired to create the success for my business it deserves.

I now feel excited about the future for me and ‘The Faery Whisperer.’ Thank you, Louise, from my heart to yours.

Claire Casely

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