Career Development Coaching

You’re ambitious and you want to progress your career but you keep getting overlooked for promotion or you’re lacking the confidence to go for it.

Working with me as your career coach, you will uncover your strengths and learn how to communicate your achievements and aspirations effectively.

Your confidence will increase and you will learn how to present yourself well on your CV and on LinkedIn. Finally, you will learn how to recognise opportunities before they’re advertised and to perform at your best at interview. Coaching can super-charge your career and take you to the next level fast.

“Louise quite literally helped me to find my way! With her powers of sensitivity and extensive knowledge of a range of industries and business, she helped me to acknowledge my real passions and interests, whilst supporting me to align my values with my dream job. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and indeed, I did land my dream job, one where creativity and education work together to really make a difference to peoples lives. I’d highly recommend Louise if anyone is looking to overhaul and challenge their career goals.”
Sarah Chapman

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Book Your FREE clarity session now