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Career coaching with Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach is designed to support you towards achieving your goals of working in your dream job and/or developing your dream career.

It’s important that your job fulfils you, rewards you on every level, energises you, adds value to the lives of other people and enables you to become the best possible version of yourself.

where are you now?

You may be feeling fed up or stuck in a rut at work. Perhaps you’re facing redundancy or you’re up for promotion. You could be returning to work after a period of time. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s never too late or too early to get some help.

Remember, if you’re not in your dream job, you’re in someone else’s!


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Where do we meet for coaching?

We can meet in person or online, whichever works best for you.

Local venues

There are some great venues in Gloucestershire and South Devon where we can meet for coaching sessions in person. When you book your appointment, we’ll confirm where is best to meet.

online via zoom

Alternatively, if it’s more convenient, we can meet online via which is a free, video link service.

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Signing up for Louise’s Dream Job programme was the best career decision I could have made. I put off making the initial call to Louise for a few weeks but I’m now so glad that I picked up the phone.

Within two months I’d gone from not really knowing where to go with my career to being invited for two interviews within my chosen sector and then being offered my dream job. 


The first few sessions with Louise gave me the confidence to consider applying for these jobs and I’m convinced that her guidance about how to craft my application helped me to secure the interviews. And as these were my first interviews for around six years I was rather rusty (not to mention nervous), so I particularly appreciated Louise’s tips about how to best prepare and present myself.

Louise always knew how to address my concerns about finding a new job and also has a wealth of resources available for clients via her social media pages.

Sue Flook

Career Change Client, Marketing Industry

Louise was recommended to me when I was considering making a significant change in my working life.


In a few meetings with Louise she helped me step back from the immediacy of my situation and explore what I really wanted to do.

Her style of creating an open space with no specific agenda helped me make a life changing decision.

A couple of years later and I am grateful that I took up the recommendation to be coached by Louise.

Ian Rees

Career Change Client, Telecomms and Big Data Industry

Signing up for a Dream Job Coach programme was one of the best decisions I have made.


I see that as an investment into my future.

Every session was interesting and taught me something new.

It was an amazing journey with great results. Thank you Louise again for all your help and your knowledge.

Marta Czerwinska

Career Change Client, Retail Industry

Why is career coaching important?

Your success and happiness is important to me and I’ll do everything I can to help you succeed. Sometimes, we all need someone to talk to, who is not employed by the same company, who isn’t a family member or a friend but who does have our best interests at heart. That person is your coach.

When you’re thinking of making a career change, you need someone to help you gain the head-space you so desperately need.

First of all we need to get clear about what your dream job actually looks like. Then, we need to make sure that you are presenting as that dream employee in your applications, in your online presence and at interview.

Whatever your situation and however long we work together, all I ask is that you commit to putting what you learn into practise!

What Support Is Available?

There’s a lot of support in place to help you. When you sign up for a dream job coaching programme, you will become a member of the Dream Job Clients’ Forum which is my exclusive, clients only group on facebook. Here you have the chance to meet my other clients and enjoy peer-to-peer learning and support.  It’s a super positive place to be and your go-to place to get questions answered in between your regular coaching sessions.

Please also take the time to like and follow The Dream Job Coach page on Facebook and join in the conversations there. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what’s been going on lately!

why does career coaching work?

Career coaching works because you are held accountable for your progress. You are investing time and money in yourself and your future and you are putting yourself first for once.

Now, I am your coach, NOT your manager and the difference is clear. At work, you are working to achieve the company’s targets and goals. With your career coach, you are working to achieve your own goals and I’m here to help and support you and critically, to keep you on track.

Career coaching works when the coachee (that’s you!) is fully committed to their own success. 100%.

When you are 100% committed you not only come along to your coaching sessions, you go away each time with an actionable plan that you are excited to get cracking on with!


Ready to get started?

Great! Below you’ll find a selection of my most popular programmes. Other services can be found on the Programmes and Pricing Page.

Career Coaching in Gloucester

I know how you feel, I felt the same way back in 2013 when I finally took the plunge and left my safe, well-paid job in a large and respected company – after 17 years!

I found that taking the time to get some head-space was key for me. I hope I can help you do the same so that you can look forward to the next phase of your life. – Louise Jenner.

You can read my story here.

When we work together, we can meet online or in person at a venue in Gloucester.  

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Louise Jenner is a Member of The Association for Coaching and a Proud Member of Enterprise Nation.

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