Career Clarity Coaching

You may feel like you’re at a crossroads with too many options available or it perhaps it feels like you’ve hit a dead end and you’re finding it hard to imagine any possibilities at all. By taking some time out with me as your career coach, you will find some perspective and clarify what it is you really want from this next stage in your professional life.

Working through the Career Clarity Programme, you will identify your dream job, recognise your strengths and the things that can sometimes hold you back. Your confidence will increase and you will learn how to present yourself effectively on your CV and on LinkedIn. Finally, you will learn how to access the hidden job market and to perform at your best at interview.

When you’re clear about where you’re going and you know the route to take, your chances of reaching your destination are massively improved!

"I came to Louise after suffering a knock back in my career which left me questioning whether I wanted to continue within marketing or try something completely different. Working with Louise helped me to understand that my passion for marketing was still there, I just needed to find a company to work for that shared the same morals and integrity as me and where my skills and experience could be used to positively impact business strategy. Louise assisted me to uncover why I went into marketing in the first place and to understand where I wanted to take my career. She really helped me to re-evaluate what’s important to me and I now couldn’t be happier."
Louise Sipple

Book Your FREE clarity session now

Book Your FREE clarity session now