Career Change Coaching

You’ve been in your current role/company/sector for several years now and you’re ready for a change of direction. Working with me as your career coach you will explore your options and get clear about the kind of role that will fulfil you on every level (not just financially).

Your confidence will increase and you will learn how to present yourself effectively on your CV and on LinkedIn. Finally, you will learn how to access the hidden job market and perform at your best at interviews.

Coaching can be the catalyst that makes your career change actually happen!

“I really didn’t know which direction to go, but I knew I wasn’t happy & fulfilled in my job. After meeting Louise at a Networking event, I knew I needed the guidance of The Dream Job Coach. Louise is so easy to talk too, helped me with direction, clarity & self-confidence. Thanks to Louise, I had 3 job interviews & was offered 2 of the positions. Thank you, Louise”.
Michelle Rochester

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Book Your FREE clarity session now