Career Change: 5 Ways To Your Dream Job


Career Change

You\’re facing an opportunity for a career change but what on earth does your dream job look like?

  • Maybe you\’ve been made redundant or lost your job for a different reason
  • Perhaps you\’re stuck on the treadmill of your day job thinking there must be more to life than this
  • You might be fuming quietly to yourself because you\’ve been overlooked for promotion or you\’ve received one too many rejection letters already
  • Or you could be mulling over a great (?) business idea and fantasising about being your own boss but you\’re just not sure if/how it would work…

Whatever it is, you know you have a choice to make about your career but it\’s a scary one. There\’s a voice in your head telling you to suck it up and get your head down, reminding you that you need the money and demanding to know what will happen if you blow it?

But there\’s another voice and it\’s getting louder each day, saying: \”You only have one life! Are you really going to spend it like this? Come on! Let\’s get out there and make a difference / have some fun / take a chance!\”

How do I know about these voices in your head? Because I have them too and so does everyone to a greater or lesser degree.

The difference between the winners and the \”also rans\” is that the winners listened to the second voice and made some radical changes – whilst exercising some caution and doing their homework, of course! 😉

5 Ways to Identify Your Dream Job

Today, I want to share 5 simple ways to tell whether any job could be your dream job (or business!) When you are mulling over a new opportunity or a new business idea, run it through this filter and see whether it could be classified as your dream job.

  1. Will it fulfil you?
  2. Will it energise you?
  3. Will it empower you to be the best possible version of yourself?
  4. Will it allow you to add value to the lives of other people?
  5. Will it reward you in every way?

If you can say yes to each of these statements then whoopeee! – It\’s looking good!

If there\’s a no or a maybe in there, ask yourself: \”What would need to happen for me to be able to say yes?\”

Before becoming The Dream Job Coach ® and after working for the same company for 17 years I realised that there was a strong chance that, if I died, I\’d be remembered as the woman who sold sofas and had little time for anything or anyone else. Not much of a legacy is it?

We each have one, precious life on this planet. It\’s up to us to make the most of it.

You\’re facing an opportunity for a career change. What\’s stopping you?


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