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The \”Can Do Coffee Club\” is a small group of business-women who meet each month to support each other, share and learn new skills. This morning, I learnt how being creative with crayons can be fun. I remembered what achievement feels like (I\’ve never been very arty) and what\’s more, I confirmed that business meetings don\’t need to be suited and booted in a board room to be worth while.

When your mind is focused upon the little butterfly stencil that Sue Green of Cowshed Studio had supplied, you just listen, think and chat in a very calm way. We talked about the challenges we had been facing since we last saw one another and congratulated each other on our successes. We discussed the value of our time and how it\’s sometimes difficult to charge the right price for our services for a variety of reasons – and excuses!

The cost of a Dream Job Coaching Session is £50 and these sessions help my clients to think clearly about their way ahead. They formulate plans and strategies where before there was only dissatisfaction and worry. They leave feeling great about the next steps that they need to take to change their situation. They look forward to the future.

I pay over £70 every six weeks or so to my hair-dresser for a cut and colour. I leave feeling less grey than when I arrived and often, I go home and restyle my hair anyway! The newspaper bill at home is usually over £50. A night out in Cheltenham? – No change from a hundred quid.

So, why do I worry that £50 might be too much for coaching? Well, of course for some people, it is. But for my real clients, the ones who are serious about investing in their future and who are motivated to take action, it\’s not. In fact, it\’s a bargain!

We earn more during our career than we pay for our house! So says, Liz Ryan of Human Workplace. Why would we not invest in that asset in the same way as we invest in the upkeep of our house? It\’s a good point. Buy the best house you can and have the best career you can.

Dream house? Dream Job? Or is it the other way round? – Why don\’t you ponder that while crayoning some butterflies?

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4 thoughts on “Can Do Coffee Club”

  1. Hi Lou,
    I think that the costing point about investing in one’s career is very valid. I don’t think £50 a session is too much- unless you are totally skint, in which case you aren’t going to be enjoying the other luxuries you mention…
    Like the idea of bringing creativity into business meetings- I think I might try that with a networking group I belong to. See what they say afterwards, not ask them first!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thanks for commenting. Please let me know how your networking group find being creative…. It’s just different and I think that’s refreshing which is good for the thinking process.
      Hope the weather is as lovely with you, as it is here!
      Best wishes, Lou.

  2. I totally resonate with you Louise! Your value lies in the time it’s taken to get to where you are today, your skills, knowledge and amazing ability to inspire others to be the best they can be. Those that want that will know what a bargain they’re getting. 😉

    1. Thanks Sandra. When you put it like that, there’s thirty years of experience and knowledge, accumulated in my brain. Much of it, I’ll share for free, some of it though, is chargeable!
      Happy Easter!

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