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The Benefits Of Business Coaching For Women

Business Coaching for women can support female professionals to identify and achieve realistic targets in their work and personal lives through taking a client-centred approach that is tailored to their personalities and aspirations.

As part of the coaching process, the coachee is empowered to achieve their full potential by identifying and overcoming obstacles to progress in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.

The Challenges Women Face In The Workplace

While there has been a vast improvement in equality, diversity, and inclusion over recent years, women continue to face multiple barriers to opportunities for progression.

For instance, sexual and gender-based discrimination is the second most common form of discrimination in the UK (following age discrimination).

In addition, the 2022 Gender Equality In The Workplace report by Randstad found that 72% of the women surveyed had experienced inappropriate behaviour from male colleagues in the workplace, while 67% had directly experienced some form of sexual discrimination.

How Having A Women In Business Coach Can Help

Business Coaching can help self-employed women and business owners to mitigate the effects of sex and gender discrimination in the workplace, and empowers female professionals to stand up for their rights by improving their self-esteem and ability to effectively self-advocate.

It can also provide an ‘outsider’s perspective’ that can help women to identify sexual discrimination when it occurs, and offer guidance on challenging discrimination.

Other benefits of coaching that can help women to overcome obstacles in their business life include improved communication skills, better work performance, greater leadership abilities, improved resilience, personal empowerment, and healthier interpersonal relationships.

Coaching can also help women to create a better work/life balance, which in turn leads to greater health and wellbeing and more effective time management.

How Business Coaching For Women Can Boost Confidence

According to research by My Confidence Matters, there is a significant confidence gap between men and women in the workplace.

For instance, 79% of women reported a lack of confidence in the workplace, compared to 62% of men. Lack of confidence may be a major contributing factor to the gender gap that exists in the work environment, as women who lack confidence can be less likely to practice self-advocacy – and as a consequence tend to pursue valuable opportunities at a far lower rate than men.

Here, business coaching can help women to practice their self-advocacy skills and build their confidence, enabling them to overcome obstacles and achieve a healthier self-image.

And while business coaching alone may not eradicate the problem of sex-based discrimination, it can help women to deal with the challenges and better advocate for their own needs.

Short enough to read in your lunch break and it’s packed with tips and information. I wrote it to help you work out what your dream job really looks like and how you can get out there and make it happen!

Business Coaching For Women: What The Studies Say

Research by the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring has found that:

  • Business coaching can help female leaders to benefit from improved self-awareness, self-confidence, self-leadership, and leadership style, as well as assist them in navigating complex power structures, conflict, and personal commitments.
  • Executive coaching helps women to improve their performance, satisfaction, and wellbeing.
  • Coaching can help women to improve their leadership skills, resulting in improved promotion opportunities and greater confidence.
  • Coaching can help women to be more empowered in the workplace, thereby improving their ability to self-advocate and communicate effectively.
  • Coaching can inspire women to overcome obstacles in the workplace, and provide vital guidance on the correct procedure for reporting inappropriate behaviour.
  • Coaching can enable women to achieve a healthier work-life balance, enabling them to manage their time more effectively and reduce levels of stress and burnout.

My Women In Business Networking Group

As a passionate champion of women in the workplace, I lead my local networking group, Devon Women In Business (DWIB).

We meet for monthly networking lunches and celebrate with the annual DWIB Awards, which are generously sponsored by many local businesses.

I also host the co-working event Laptop Friday every Friday morning from 10am to 12pm, where anyone is welcome to join us, whether they’re an employee, freelancer, or business owner.

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About Louise Jenner, The Dream Job Coach

I have been providing career and business coaching to clients across the UK since 2013.

With experience in a wide range of industries – from trout farming to furniture – I have worked in both small and large companies, giving me invaluable experience in a variety of professional environments.

Plus, as the first female member of the management team at DFS Furniture, I have personally overcome gender-based barriers to employment and take particular pride in helping women to pursue their goals!

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Business Coaching For Women: Here’s What Previous Clients Say

Louise has a great way of asking the right questions and she quickly gets you thinking outside of the box! She puts you at ease very easily and it’s clear she has a huge amount of business knowledge and experience that she brings to her work as a coach.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, support and growth in their business or career.

Anna Botsford

From the very start, Louise took the time to get to know my business thoroughly. All her comments, suggestions and proposed actions fit my business perfectly. This high level of personalised attention is evident in the 1-1 and online meetings and in the quality of support given outside the meetings. She is always ready to give 100% to her clients.

The assignments and discussions have helped me see where I am, how I want to shape my business and what steps I need to take. With Louise’s expert help, I am creating my dream business. I now know my strengths, how to build my client base, use social media more effectively. I am expanding into new areas that I know I will love.

I would like to say a big thank you for all of the above, all the rest that I haven’t managed to say and for celebrating with me every step I’ve made. Thrive Health Therapies has a bright future now because of the work we have done together.

Whatever stage you are at with your business I highly recommend you get in touch with Louise. Business coaching at its best!

June Carnell

I just wanted to say thank you to Louise for a really great session today. I have lost my way a bit with my business just lately due to a family bereavement.

In the last 2 sessions, Louise has helped me get back on track and I now feel more focused about achieving my goals than at any other time. Thanks, Louise!

Alison Hyett

Working with Louise Jenner has been a positive, powerful, and transforming journey. When I started with Louise Jenner, in December 2019, I was feeling disillusioned and wasn’t sure how I could successfully move my business forward.

I highly recommend working with Louise Jenner if you want to move your business forward in dynamic and life-enhancing ways. Since working with Louise, I have radically changed my perspective, valuing my brand and making it more visible. I have moved my business forward on several levels and created more focus.

This change was easier to accomplish, due to Louise being really lovely to work with. She is warm, genuine, understanding, inspirational, has lots of ideas and is very motivating. Louise set enjoyable actions to keep me moving forward and held me accountable for their completion.

She has picked me up when I needed it the most with her wisdom and humour. Louise believed in me and my brand from the start. I have left all of my sessions with her feeling uplifted and inspired to create the success for my business it deserves.

Claire Casely

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