Are you a Human Doing?


One of my favourite quotes from the weekend: \”Are you a human doing or a human being?\”

I was on a self development weekend with The Coaching Academy in Birmingham and our coach explained that many of us are so busy with doing the task in front of us that we forget to step back and remember the person that we really want to be. We are human doings instead of human beings.

It\’s true isn\’t it? There are so many things to do every day. Things that in the great scheme of things don\’t actually get us any nearer our long term goals. Things that maybe stop us even having any long term goals. Things that tire us out, mentally as well as physically so that when we do take a breath it\’s to flop down in front of the television and watch whatever happens to be on.

This one life that we are privileged to have been given isn\’t getting any longer and yet we just keep on keeping on with our daily routines and never quite get round to planning how we want to live it. We are all good at planning in some areas though. We can plan a 2 week holiday, can\’t we? In fact, most of us would spend more time planning that holiday than we would spend planning our future.

The coach asked us to consider what we would like to be as well as to have and to do, over the next five years. Five years is easier than the rest of your life so it\’s a fair question.  She pointed out that our job title is not our identity although we often think it is. A stranger asks, \”What do you do for a living?\” and we invariably answer, \”I am a ….. teacher/ doctor/ salesperson/ manager…..\”

So, the question: \”What do you want to be?\” How would you reply if I said your answer can have nothing to do with your job title?


Photo credit: Teamdobbs: Mad Super Busy

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