7 Dream Job Habits

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is one of my all time, favourite books. And, Stephen\’s instruction is to teach the habits as soon as you learn them so that you learn better yourself. In fact that could be another great habit: Teach in order to learn!


I strongly recommend that you read the book or listen to it on audio so that you can get a deeper understanding. In the meantime, here\’s my take on the habits for you as a Dream Job Seeker:

1. Be Pro-Active: Take responsibility for your own career/business success from now on. Create dialogue with the companies you would like to work with. Don\’t wait for a vacancy to come up! Just go and talk to them. Be a customer, a researcher, anything to just get a conversation going. Then you can get your cv in front of someone and some of the interview has already been covered! Know that no-one else is to blame for your set-backs and equally, no-one else can take credit for your successes!

2. Begin with the end in mind: Working out your Dream Job involves thinking about your own values and principles. You could ask yourself: If this works out, will I be happy with the outcome in five years time? The saying goes: On their death bed, no-one ever says, \”I wish I\’d spent more time at the office!\” This may be true but wouldn\’t you like the time you did spend there to be time well-spent? What does a great life look like to you?

3. Put first things first: Work out what\’s important. Not what\’s urgent; what\’s important. Your Dream Job is IMPORTANT. The job you get to pay the bills in the meantime is urgent (you need a roof over your head, right?). Focus your energy on the activities that will get you closer to your Dream Job. Do you need some training? Some work-experience? Some coaching? Some contacts? Some references?… Then work out which of those activities is the most effective. Make it a priority. Make time for it. Do it!

4. Think win/win: This habit is made for Dream Job seekers like you! When you are in your Dream Job who wins? Everyone! You do, obviously, it\’s your Dream Job. Your employer wins a great employee, your customers win from receiving great service, even your family and your friends win, as long as you get the balance right. They all win because you are being fulfilled so you\’re more fun to have around but you should also think about what they need too. This means you\’re happy and they are happy for you.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: When researching your Dream Job, applying for it, interviewing for it, if you seek first to understand thoroughly the job, the company, the customers, your boss and your colleagues you will be ahead of the curve on so many levels. And when you demonstrate your understanding, you will be given your opportunity to explain why you are the right person for the job. Better still, you may not even have to! When an interviewer gets the impression that this candidate is \”one of us\” or when they feel like the candidate is \”on our wavelength\” that candidate is in pole position to win.

6. Synergise: Synergy is that magical state where 1+1 = 3 or 4 or even 5!

Huh? OK, so the business is already successful without you. You are already successful without the business. Together though: 

You + Your Dream Job in that business =  AMAZING SUCCESS, ABOVE & BEYOND!!!

7. Sharpen the saw: Take care of yourself during the process of seeking your dream job and once you\’re in it. Take care of your Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional states. You need to keep fit and healthy for this search to be successful; it takes stamina. You must be mentally prepared for opportunities that may arise and of course, for interviews. It\’s vital to stay true to your values and not to compromise your principles. And finally, you must take some time out for some fun, relaxation and entertainment with your friends.

Please, practise these habits, teach them to others and let me know how you progress towards your Dream Job by commenting below or by email. I love to hear your feedback!

(c) Louise Jenner, Dream Job Coach 2013           jenner_louise1@me.com

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