3 Ways Creating a Dream Biz Vision Board Can Help You

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How can a Vision Board help you?

Well, have you ever wondered why the months and years go by and nothing much seems to change? It\’s usually because we\’re on auto-pilot and we just keep doing what we\’ve always done. Visualisation is a powerful way to plan for success in your career or business and creating a Vision Board really does super-charge your chances of success, many times over.

But why does it work so well?

There are three main reasons that I make vision boards. Yes – boards – plural! I tend to make at least one every year.


  • To give myself the treat of some ME-TIME.

    Making a vision board takes time. Investing time in myself and my business is a signal to me that I\’m taking this seriously.

  • To let my imagination run wild and to enable me to dream BIG.

    I like to create my boards using old-skool techniques. I pick out images from magazines and newspapers, I cut them out and stick them onto a piece of coloured A2 card and I embellish them with coloured pens. This is as close to \’crafting\’ as I ever get and I swear that using my hands rather than generating an online board makes me use my brain differently. I\’m open to being inspired by the images rather than searching for something that I\’ve already thought of in my head.

  • To have a record of my PROGRESS.

    This one was an unexpected bonus! The second time I made a vision board, I automatically looked back at the first one and I could see in pictures how far I\’d come in that first year in business! I could see what I\’d achieved materially but I could also see how cluttered my head had been just 12 months earlier! All the pictures were jammed together – I hadn\’t even used a board – and they were over-lapping and skewed every which way but loose. Lol! When I look at that board now, I wonder how I ever managed to start my coaching business let alone make it a success. These days, my boards might be described as minimalistic in comparison. The images are more about quality than quantity and I like to think of the gaps as the space where the magic happens. It\’s space for opportunities, for spontaneity, for freedom!

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So, could making a vision board help you too?

I believe so. Especially if you agree with one or more of the following statements!

1. You don\’t like traditional planning.

Making a vision board is fun! It\’s not like you\’re writing a 40 page business plan, after all. You\’re creating a vision board to remind you of your wildest dreams.

2. You find yourself easily distracted away from building your business.

Placing your vision board in a prominent place helps you to stay focused on what you want so you are able to recognise distractions for what they are – obstacles to your progress!

3. You\’re willing to believe in the power of your own imagination and act upon it!

Whether you believe in a higher power, the Law of Attraction,  the Universe or something completely different, your imagination is where it all starts. Your thoughts become your deeds. If you believe in your dreams and take the steps to achieve them, magical results can occur. Necessary steps may involve getting help and guidance, learning new skills and building your confidence. That\’s all much easier once you know what it is that you really want to achieve.

Focus on how you want to feel!

One piece of advice that I will leave you with is this. Focus on how you want to feel. You can paste pictures of fancy cars, houses and holiday destinations. You can absolutely achieve those things but they may or may not make you happy.

I prefer to focus on finding images that represent the way I want to feel throughout the coming year. For me it\’s usually, relaxed, free, in control and fun-loving. You might be craving to feel excited, adventurous, challenged or respected. I\’d love to know! – Please post how you want to feel in the comments and then, if you wish, post a picture of your completed board on my Facebook page. Let\’s fill up facebook with BIG DREAMS! 😉


Copyright: Louise Jenner 2018.

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Louise Jenner is known as The Dream Biz Coach.

Based in Devon she offers business coaching, online.

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