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Meeting for coaching online is great because it cuts down on travelling time and parking costs. It means you can be comfortable and private at home with your favourite brew too! However, now that I’ve moved to Devon, I do love getting out and about. I have a favourite café in Bovey Tracey called Cafe 3 Sixty and there’s a terrific coworking venue in Exeter called The Rabbit Hole that I use from time-to-time. So, whatever’s best for you!

Please don’t worry if you don’t know what your dream job is – that’s way more common than you’d expect and it’s exactly why other people in your position decide to talk to me. Scroll down for more information.

But, if you’re feeling like you just want to take your time and find out a bit more about how working with a career coach could help you, then please feel free to read on and have a good old mooch about!

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Your Career Coach Can Help When you’re feeling frustrated at work…

Work is a HUGE part of our life and it forms a BIG part of our identity, doesn’t it? That’s why, as your career coach, I believe it should be energising, fulfilling, rewarding, purposeful and FUN! It’s really important to get clear about what your dream job (or business) really looks like because when you’re a bit vague, that comes across in your job applications. It causes procrastination and it affects your confidence.

Is this it?

Going to work doesn’t have to feel like a scene from Groundhog Day. It shouldn’t sap you of all your energy and leave you wondering, “Is this it?”
I know you know this! So, what happened? As your career coach, I’m bound to ask:
  • What was it in someone else’s life that was more important than your own happiness?
  • Why are you still running around that hamster-wheel at 100 miles an hour, working to achieve someone else’s dreams instead of your own?

Relax, you’re in the right place!

The great news is that you can still achieve fulfilment in your career or even start your own business and it’s not selfish to want to either.

Why not put yourself first for once? When push comes to shove, you can find an hour for a haircut, a work-out or a massage. Find an hour for a free Career Clarity Session with me and discover how you really can make the changes that you want to make in your professional life.

I did this myself in 2013 and I haven’t looked back for one minute!

(By the way, if you have already started your own business and you’re looking for Business Coaching or Mentoring, please click here.)

Your Career Coach helps with the practical steps too!

As well as working on helping you get the clarity you need, I’m also big into getting the practicalities sorted.

You will learn how to write a compelling CV that your dream employer actually wants to read!

We’ll sort out your cover letters as well and ensure that there is consistency with your online presence. We may need to work on your LinkedIn profile, for example.

Finally, we’ll get you ready for the interview! You’ll be super-prepared and more confident than ever when you visit your dream employer.

But first things first, you might want to know what actually happens in a career clarity session. After all, if you’ve never worked with me as your career coach before, you won’t know what to expect!

What happens in a career clarity session?


Firstly, we shine a light on your situation and Clarify what it is you love to do!


Then we zoom in and identify what your Dream Job or Dream Business looks like!


Finally, we get practical and make an Action Plan so you can make it happen!

I had found myself in a crossroads in life, but after speaking with Louise I don’t feel so lost and finally believe in myself again! I am so thankful for your time and would highly recommend anyone who has any doubt that they aren’t in their dream job to come and talk with [Louise.]

Olivia Wike

Sales Executive, 2018

The very first session I had with Louise was re-assuring and gave me a lot to think about in such a positive way. I cannot recommend Louise enough to aid clarity and focus. Very committed and flexible in her approach, Louise is definitely someone I turn to in order to work on feeling more fulfilled in my career and life in general.

Oliver Lees

Senior Advisor, 2018

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